MyLoot Offer: Centauro 120 Wolf, Wolf Skins


Another round of weekly discounts is here. This week, we’ve prepared two items for you that are available between August 22 and August 29, 2019:

  • Centauro 120 Wolf Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer (available directly with a discount)
  • Wolf skins (available separately)

The Centauro 120 is an advanced version of the Italian Centauro wheeled Tank Destroyer, designed with the goal of further improving its firepower by arming it with the OTO-Melara low-recoil 120mm smoothbore gun in a HITFACT turret. However, only a few were ever built and most of them for export. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the Centauro 120 Wolf is a Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer with a special wolf-styled camouflage. Its main feature is a very high damage per shot value as well as sustained damage over time. Its 120mm gun is devastating even against heavily armored opponents, such as the main battle tanks, and it is capable of firing the most advanced NATO rounds. The Centauro 120 is also very mobile thanks to its low weight and powerful engines. This feature allows it to avoid danger, making it a deadly hit-and-run fighter. Mobility is the key to the Centauro, as firing off a few well-placed shots and relocating will leave opponents confused, reeling from the blows and searching for an enemy that is no longer there.

This vehicle is available directly on MyLoot with 30% discount or as a part of a major bundle with 45% discount, featuring:

  • Centauro 120 Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Wolf skin for BMD-2
  • Wolf skin for Wiesel 1 HOT
  • Wolf skin for Challenger 1
  • 20 Platinum Loot Crates
  • 20 Platinum Battlefield Glory 12-hour Boost tokens
  • 20 Platinum Armored Warfare 12-hour Boost tokens

The Wolf skins are also available separately. Please note that, unlike the Centauro 120 Wolf, the Wolf skin bundles do not contain the vehicles needed to use the skins, only the skins themselves.


Please note:

  • This offer starts on August 22 at 16:00 CEST (7 AM PDT, 17:00 MSK)
  • This offer ends on August 29 at 16:00 CEST (7 AM PDT, 17:00 MSK)
  • If you already owned a bundle vehicle, you will instead receive its Compensation Value in Gold instead

Enjoy the offer and see you on the battlefield!

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