New Loot Crates Now Available


This month, we’re launching special Loot Crates in MY.GAMES Market that offer you a chance to win some of the most coveted vehicles in the game.


These crates are:

  • Chinese-themed (with Type 99A2-140, QN-506, Type 96B, PTZ-89, camouflages and other goodies)
  • Russian-themed (with Object 490, BMPT Mod.2017, T-72B3, Object 187, camouflages and other goodies)
  • NATO-themed (with Altay, Leclerc T40, Leopard Revolution, BWP-2000, American camouflages and other goodies)

The mechanics are very simple. Each crate allows you to win one of the listed items (or its value in Gold if you have it already). To learn more about what's in a chest simply click on it, this will launch a small pop up window to show you what’s inside. You will find everything from in-game currency packs to consumables and exclusive skins that can only be found in these chests!

But here comes the new part: After opening the crate, you will immediately roll on one of the items that are inside this Loot Crate and will see what you receive before you have to actually pay anything. No more random chances – you immediately see what you get and what you don’t. You can then opt to purchase the item you rolled on for the Loot Crate’s price.

However, please note that until you do so, you will be unable to buy any other Loot Crate of the same type.


We hope that you will enjoy the offer and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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