Now Available: Beneath the Southern Cross


Brazil is not just the land of samba, beaches and rainforests. Its military has a long and proud history. Let’s take a look at a piece of it together! We’ve prepared a special event with you, featuring valuable prizes!


This event is available until October 25, 2022 and its rules are very simple. You can participate simply by destroying 5 enemy vehicles in PvE (or 1 in PvP) every day (while driving a Tier 3 vehicle or higher) in order to receive a reward.

These rewards include:

  • Osório Tier 6 Premium MBT
  • 2 Brazilian skins
  • 2 Brazilian camouflages
  • Real-life unit decals
  • Platinum boosters
  • Gold Loot Crates
  • Premium Time

And more.

Please note:

  • This event may run concurrently with other events and is available to all players
  • You may only complete one objective per day
  • The event starts on October 6, 2022 and ends on October 25, 2022

We hope that you will enjoy this event and will see you on the battlefield!

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