Now available: Hunter AFV


We’re happy to announce that the final vehicle of the Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path campaign, the Hunter Tier 9 Premium AFV is now available directly in the game for a week only!

Another alternative name for this vehicle is NGAFV (or Next Gen AFV), since it belongs to a whole program to replace the obsolete M113 APC in Singaporean service and to operate alongside its predecessor, another indigenous Singaporean IFV called Bionix. Hunter is the name of the production model of this program. The Hunter AFV is the pinnacle of bleeding edge of technology. In this sense, it can be compared to the AS21 Redback and both vehicles share several characteristics, not the least of which being relatively large size. This bulky IFV offers considerable levels of protection and firepower. It is expected to serve in the Singaporean army in large numbers in the near future with its mass-production having recently begun. You can read more about its history in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the Hunter AFV is a Tier 9 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle. As its description above suggests, it is a rather standard-sized IFV with good levels of protection and excellent firepower (consisting of a 30mm autocannon and a Spike ATGM launcher). It also features a recently introduced type of armor, NERA. Simply put, NERA is an ablative armor kit that deteriorates whenever it gets hit. In other words, the vehicle starts with excellent protection levels but it will lose some with damage taken as the battle progresses. Apart from that, the vehicle is adequately mobile and quite universal. It can, of course, also deploy Mechanized Infantry.

This vehicle can be obtained from Enigma Loot Crates. You need to assemble 100 blueprint pieces to assemble the vehicle. The Last Enigma Loot Crates are available in exchange for surplus Battle Coins directly in the game (as long as you have the Enigma’s Legacy access). They include the abovementioned blueprint pieces (along with a chance for the Hunter to drop directly) as well as pieces of Special Enigma Loot Crates. These Special Crates have to be first assembled and, upon doing so, they drop improved loot, including:

  • Exclusive Premium vehicles (including those from previous Battle Paths, up to Tier 10)
  • Exclusive commanders (including Battle Path ones)
  • Battle Path boosters

These Loot Crates can be obtained in the Crates section in the Battle Path window for the following prices:

  • 1 Crate for 1.500 Battle Coins
  • 5 Crates for 7.000 Battle Coins
  • 10 Crates for 12.500 Battle Coins

We hope that you will enjoy this vehicle and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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