Now available: Merc on Vacation


The summer’s in full swing and even the most hardened mercs need some time to blow off steam! The theme of this new Merc on Vacation event is the sun, sea, and everything else holiday-related. We’ve prepared a number of awesome camouflages, decals and other things for you, all coming from the countries we love to visit during summer.

The event now available and you can access it by pressing the Event button in your Garage.

Its rules are very simple. Complete the daily objective by destroying 5 enemy vehicles in a single PvE battle or 1 player vehicle in PvP (while driving a Tier 3 vehicle or higher) in order to receive a reward for every stage of the event.

These rewards include:

The rewards are listed in the order you may obtain them.

Please note:

  • This event may run concurrently with other events and is available to all players
  • You may only complete one objective per day
  • The event starts on August 3 and ends on September 2, 2021

We hope that you will enjoy this event and will see you on the battlefield!

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