Polish Independence Day Contests


As you know already, we are celebrating the Polish Independence Day this week and, in addition to the bonuses and offers we already disclosed, we have prepared several contests for you to participate in.


The first one is the Anniversary Instagram Contest. Participating in it is really simple. Are you celebrating the Polish Independence Day or the end of the Great War? Let us know how – make a photo of you and share it on Instagram until November 13, 2019, with the following hashtags:

  • #AW, #ArmoredWarfare, #(vehicle name), #(mode name), #(your in-game nickname)

You also need to tag the official profile (@armoredwarfare) in your post. The best five submissions will be rewarded as such:

  • First place: Polandball skin for the PL-01 Tier 10 LT
  • Second place: Rosomak M1 Wataha Tier 8 Premium AFV
  • Third place: WWO Wilk Tier 8 Premium TD
  • Fourth place: T-72M2 Wilk Tier 6 Premium MBT
  • Fifth place: BWP-1M Puma Tier 4 Premium AFV

The second contest is about earning XP with Polish vehicles. Once again, it’s fairly simple – with a Polish vehicle, earn as much XP per battle as you can in one of three modes – PvP, Global Operations and PvE (Hardcore difficulty only). Make then a screenshot of your result and post it in the dedicated contest channel on our Discord.

The submissions must be posted until November 13, 2019. For each of the three abovementioned modes, three best results will be rewarded as such:

  • First place: BM Oplot Tier 9 Premium MBT
  • Second place: T-72 Green Tier 8 Premium MBT
  • Third place: Type 90 or K1A1 Tier 7 Premium MBT

Please note that the following vehicles that are available in the game are Polish:

  • BWP-1M Puma
  • KTO Rosomak
  • Rosomak M1M
  • Rosomak M1 “Wataha”
  • BWP-2000
  • WPB Anders
  • WWO Wilk
  • Wilk XC-8
  • PL-01

We are looking forward to your submissions for both contests and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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