Preview: Autumn in Armored Warfare


The summer’s all but over with September bringing most of us the usual things that come with autumn – cold, falling leaves, rain... that’s the bad news. The good news is, it’s also bringing the opportunity to play Armored Warfare and participate in all the content that’s coming up. And better believe there’s going to be a lot of it – Update 0.37 will be chock-full of features, improvements and fixes. Today, we’d like to tell you about some of them.

Update 0.37 represents the final part of the Apocalypse season. A new Special Operation will be available upon its release in late September, 2021:

Special Operation: Death

The final mission of the Apocalypse arc takes place in Batumi, a city that froze over following the supervolcano explosion, which took place at the end of the Spirithaven arc. In it, Igor Kopylov and Ivo Rinaldi encounter another person from Rinaldi’s dark past.


In this mission, your squad will be separated into two teams that have to cooperate with each other to survive. Coordination is the key to success, making this mission easy to learn but difficult to master. As usual, this mission will come with its own set of new achievements and rewards.

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The following feature will also be available upon release:

New Contract

Update 0.37 is also bringing a new Contract with a special new reward – the Argentinian TAM 2IP Tier 7 Premium Light Tank replacing the T-90A Burlak. This Light Tank will come with a brand-new special ability called Laser Lock, significantly increasing your accuracy over a short period of time. On the downside, activating this ability will make the TAM 2IP illuminate its target with a laser visible to all players on the battlefield even if you aren’t spotted.


However, please note that this is all just preliminary. We are still testing this ability and may change its functionality significantly. Furthermore, this contract will not bring any changes to the actual Contract Missions – the requirements will remain the same as for the Burlak acquisition. We are, however, working on a deep analysis of the Contract system to improve it for future contracts.

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Tier 1 to 6 Overhaul

In the past, we’ve overhauled Tiers 7 to 10 and rebalanced all their vehicles completely. In Update 0.37 (albeit not directly at launch), we’ll be doing the same to Tier 1 to 6. Right now, everything regarding this overhaul is very much classified as Work in Progress, but as the actual results crystallize and become clearer, we’ll be sharing as much of our vision as we can with you.


Naturally, this overhaul doesn’t mean we forgot about higher Tiers. The long-awaited CATTB buff will finally be coming to Armored Warfare, as will a number of corrections and improvements.

But is this all? Of course not, far from it.

Events and Content

This autumn, we’ll be running a number of special events, in which we’ll be celebrating communities, holidays and, as usual, the Armored Warfare anniversary where YOU get the gifts:

  • September 15: Storyline Campaign Episode 1 will begin with its epic story and rewards
  • October 3: German Unity Day with its own set of rewards
  • Early October: We’ll give you the opportunity to win a brand-new Tier 10 Premium vehicle (which, admittedly, we’ll also be selling)
  • Mid October: Riders on the Storm (a special Vietnam War-themed anniversary event with another brand-new reward vehicle)
  • Late October: Brand-new Raid with a set of high-tech sci-fi skins for your favorite high Tier vehicles
  • October 31: This year’s Halloween will get really spooky
  • November 11: Polish Independence Day with its own set of rewards

There will also be a series of smaller events and contests to participate in. And as for our plans beyond Update 0.37 – we are already hard at work on those too, including a set of major improvements to Armored Warfare’s PvE, which we hope you will find most satisfactory.

That’s it for now, commanders. We’ll get to you soon with more info on the upcoming features, but until then:

See you on the battlefield!

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