Producer Letter: 2016 and Beyond

As the Holiday season closes and the end of the year nears, it’s appropriate to give thanks, reflect on what has been achieved and look forward to the New Year.

So first, thank you! We wish everyone our best and hope you are able to set some time aside to join us during our holiday events. As you may know, we did put Type-59 premium tanks under everyone’s tree this year. We hope you had a chance to log on to collect the gift and hang out in your cozy holiday garage. We truly appreciate the community feedback and passion you have shown for the game, we hope that we can match that passion and deliver the best game possible.


It’s hard to believe, but Armored Warfare is just over 2 months old, and like a proud parent we are happy with the accomplishments so far, even for a game still very much in beta.

We are very pleased with the amount of players that have enjoyed our early PvE experience, there seems to be a clear indication that for many players this experience is equally important as PVP. We will continue to invest in this mode of play moving forward and make sure that is both challenging and rewarding. As for PvP, we are also pleased with the player’s response to mid-tier gameplay, this is the area that has had the most time to develop and be balanced and it shows. It’s important that we extend this balance and fun to all tiers.


For everything that Armored Warfare is today, it is still a game of great “potential”.

There are a lot of great parts, it continues to evolve, and it fairly priced to those that choose to invest. We don’t take this lightly and appreciate you for investing your time into this product. We must use this open beta period to unlock that potential and deliver a solid game experience at many levels.


This leads to what you can expect from Armored Warfare in the New Year. We will of course continue to add more content and features:

  • Dealers that include vehicles from other parts of the world, expanding the vehicle lineup for all tier levels.
  • New maps, and updates to existing ones.
  • New game modes, including a competitive mode allowing battalions and individuals compete for both prestige and rewards.
  • Vehicle customization
  • Replays
  • And more...

More importantly, in my opinion, we need to put a lot of focus on the building blocks that will make a solid foundation which all of these future features and content will rest. This means looking at all of our core mechanics. We must dedicate a good portion of our efforts to the basics:

  • Class Balance and mechanics, to ensure all classes are fun and have a strong role to fill.
  • Tier balance
  • Improved matchmaking
  • Ammo type improvements that take advantage of many modern ammo types and a clear role for High Explosive ammo.
  • Spotting and Camouflage systems.
  • ATGM’s and their effectiveness at higher tiers
  • Commander system improvements, to be bug free and more robust.
  • And basically every other core feature already in the game

We have heard that these issues are important to you and we wholeheartedly agree, so will devote more time in this area. These are very complex systems, and even small changes can have unforeseen effects, so we hope you continue to give your feedback while we work to achieve the desired result. On that subject, I would like to point out that we are reorganizing our forums to better receive your feedback. Our bug report and suggestion forums will include clear topics and guidelines on key categories, allowing us to more efficiently take your suggestions and bug reports and react to them.

I look forward to playing Armored Warfare during the holidays and into the New Year, and hope you are as excited for the future as I am!

Joshua Morris (Jinxx71) Senior Producer

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