Special Operations Weekend Contest


This week, we’ve prepared a special event for you. Normally, we only run one Special Operation as a part of the weekend War Games mode. This week, however, we have enabled all the older Special Operations tied into one chain, including American Dream. As usual, they will be available in their original order one by one (you need to pass the previous mission to get to the next one, same goes for the entire operations). Since there are considerably more missions than usual, we'll be issuing double the amount of reward Loot Crates this weekend (they will be available once per 10 missions).


For this event, we’d also like to invite you to a special contest. The rules are simple – by playing solo (platoons are not allowed) either a Tier 6 or a Tier 9-10 vehicle, deal as much damage as you can in every single available mission from the first mission of Caribbean Crisis to the last mission of American Dream (which needs to be won as well for your results to count).

Take a screenshot of each played mission’s results (General and Detailed tab please), add them to an archive (or Imgur album, for example) and link it to the Contest channel on our official Discord along with the following information:

  • Result (the sum of all damage dealt by you from all played missions)/Tier/In-game nickname

There will be two results categories – one for Tier 6 and one for Tier 9-10. The three best results from each of these two categories will receive the following prizes:

  • First place: CATTB Tier 10 Premium MBT (or its price in Gold if you have it already)
  • Second place: ZTQ-15 Tier 9 Premium LT (or its price in Gold if you have it already)
  • Third place: XM247 Tier 5 Premium AFV (or its price in Gold if you have it already)

You have until Tuesday, November 3 2020, 20:00 CET to submit your results.

Please note:

  • One player can win in both categories
  • Platoons are not allowed

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

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