Tier 7 is coming to Early Access

With the Early Access round one nearly over, it's time to take a look at what awaits you in the second round. During the next Early Access test round, players will be able to test several tier 7 vehicles of various classes.

M1 Abrams (MBT)

The older version of the principal American main battle tank is ready for testing. Featuring the original 105mm M68A1 rifled cannon, it is nevertheless a potent vehicle with good mobility and massive armor.


T-80 (MBT)

The Soviet T-80 main battle tank represents the continuation of the typical Soviet layout. Sleek and with powerful turret, its 125mm cannon is devastatingly powerful. This tank is a brawler, ready to take on its opponents at close ranges.


Leopard 2 (MBT)

The best of German engineering makes an appearance as an unlockable vehicle of tier 7. In Armored Warfare, Leopard 2 is very well balanced, has few weaknesses and is a real jack of all trades. Unlike the tier 7 Abrams, the Leopard 2 is equipped with the 120mm smoothbore.


Challenger 1 (MBT)

The Challenger tank series represents the ultimate feat of British tank engineering. The Challenger 1 has two rifle gun options - the 120mm L11A5 and 120mm L30A1. It is slower than the other tier 7 main battle tanks but it has fantastic armor.



The BMD-4 was developed as a specialized infantry fighting vehicle for Russian airborne forces. In Armored Warfare it is very fast and it has excellent camouflage factor. It is equipped with a combination of 100mm gun paired with a 30mm autocannon and can fire missiles as well.


FV510 Warrior (AFV)

The Warrior IFV is a British fighting vehicle. Equipped with two 30mm RARDEN autocannon options, it offers extremely high sustained damage as well as excellent mobility.



The BMP-3M is an upgrade to the previous Russian IFV, the BMP-3. A different turret and multiple protection measures make this truly an awesome vehicle.


LAV-600 (TD)

The LAV-600 is a tank destroyer in Armored Warfare. While not as mobile as other wheeled vehicles, it has excellent view range and a powerful 105mm gun.


Centauro 120 (TD)

Another tier 7 wheeled tank destroyer, the Centauro received new teeth in the form of Italian 120mm smoothbore cannon. It is large and easily spotted but its firepower knows no equal.


Stingray 2 (LT)

The Stingray 2 light tank offers excellent mobility, firepower on the move and cross-country capabilities the wheeled vehicles cannot match. On the other hand its armor is very thin and cannot protect the vehicle from anything save for the lightest of weapons.


You will be able to play these vehicles soon. Stay tuned for more Early Access Round 2 details!

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