Update 0.15 Preview

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to introduce the first preview of the newest addition to Armored Warfare - Update 0.15!

Update 0.15 does bring several major features that include:

  • Tier 10 Vehicles
  • Two new PvE Missions (Prometheus, Meltdown)
  • Merkava 2B Premium Main Battle Tank
  • Garage UI Update
  • APS and Anti-Tank Guided Missile Changes
  • Light Tank Gun Depression Overhaul

Apart from the new features, a very large number of game corrections including but not limited to vehicle performance adjustments, balance and critical issue fixes were implemented as well. Additionally, the Replay feature introduced in Update 0.14 will be enhanced further and the commander spectator mode will be added to Custom Matches.

New Features

Tier 10 Vehicles

Update 0.15 introduces the first six Tier 10 vehicles:

  • T-14 Armata (Main Battle Tank)
  • PL-01 (Light Tank)
  • Leopard 2A7-140 (Main Battle Tank)
  • SPHINX (Armored Fighting Vehicle)
  • XM1A3 (Main Battle Tank)
  • Challenger 2B (Main Battle Tank)

Tier 10 will be unlockable through a token system similar to the one used to unlock Tier 9 vehicles.


Two new PvE Missions

  • Operation: Prometheus - when a cargo ship carrying a shipment of warheads was forced to run aground on the sandy beaches of this little island, it immediately attracted the attention of those who wanted to seize and use the weapons to their own malevolent ends. You'll take to a small archipelago in Operation: Prometheus to retrieve and guard these abandoned missiles, and keep your enemies from capturing the dangerous cargo - or destroying it
  • Operation: Meltdown - a little city on the edge of a larger province has flourished despite the troubled times, due in no small part to the source of power in the area, which is supplied by a state of the art nuclear reactor. Enemy forces have been attracted to the reactor, intent on destroying the facility as well as the adjacent dam and sending the nearby city into a state of chaos. In Operation: Meltdown, you must defend the reactor from enemy invasion in order to save the people of the region from devastation


Merkava 2B Premium Main Battle Tank

This brand new Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank will be available to players in Update 0.15. Read more about the Merkava 2B history in our preview.

Garage UI Update

The garage UI has received a visual upgrade and now features an improved Ammo Loadout, Consumable and Retrofit windows designed to make it easier to outfit your vehicles. Based on player feedback, we’ve also expanded our vehicle filter criteria to enable players to more efficiently filter which vehicles are shown in the vehicle carousel.

APS and Anti-Tank Guided Missile Changes

Update 0.15 brings new changes to Active Protection Systems (APS) and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles. Cannon-launched missiles will now on average reload faster, while APS systems have had their cooldowns increased and their number of charges decreased. The overall goal of these changes is to reduce the currently excessively high effectiveness of APS, while still keeping the system useful in deterring the occasional ATGM.


Light Tank Gun Depression Overhaul

We are continuing the process of updating the underlining system controlling the depression values on our vehicles. Update 0.15 includes front, side and rear cannon depression changes to our Light Tanks and a few Main Battle Tanks.

Full list of changes will be available as the update nears its release. We hope you will enjoy these new features and see you on the battlefield!

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