Update 0.24 “Caribbean Crisis - Part II” Preview


We are once again happy to announce another major update to Armored Warfare – Update 0.24 “Caribbean Crisis - Part II”


Update 0.24 continues where Update 0.23 “Caribbean Crisis” left off, finishing the first Special Operations arc with the final mission. We are also introducing a number of progression vehicles to the update, some of them with quite unique mechanics.

The main features of Update 0.24 “Caribbean Crisis - Part II” include:

  • New dealer with a branch of light vehicles
  • New commander
  • Final mission of the first Special Operation
  • New map “Alpine Valley” for Global Operations

New Dealer

In this update, we’re introducing a new dealer called Oscar Faraday. Born in Warwick, Great Britain, Oscar Faraday is the epitome of a British gentleman. But don’t let his smooth look and calm demeanor fool you – he’s one of the most dangerous people on the planet. Trained by the famous British MI5 secret service, he learned to appreciate finesse, preferring stealth over brute force during his decades-long career as His Majesty’s cold-hearted killer.


His choice of vehicles reflects his nature – he offers machines capable taking out targets quickly but, most importantly, silently. Many of his machines also have unique features, described in existing or upcoming detailed articles.

These vehicles include:

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This dealer is unique in several aspects.

First, it does not start on Tier 1, but on Tier 5 with the Rooikat AFV. In order to start unlocking his vehicles, players have to own at least one Tier 5 progression vehicle.

Secondly, in order to unlock each vehicle, certain goals (achievements) have to be completed. For example, to unlock the Tier 6 Rooikat, one of the following conditions has to be met:

  • Deal 75.000 damage using a Tier 5 or higher Light Tank in PvP
  • Deal 300.000 damage using a Tier 5 or higher Light Tank in Global Operations
  • Deal 600.000 damage using a Tier 5 or higher Light Tank in PvE

The progression is also not strictly linear:

  • Tier 5, Tier 6 and Tier 7 vehicles can be unlocked independently on each other by completing their achievements
  • Tier 8 vehicle is available to unlock once all three previous vehicles are unlocked
  • Tier 10 vehicles are available to unlock once all four previous vehicles are unlocked

Once unlocked, each vehicle is upgraded by standard means, although, apart from modules, the new vehicles offer a number of interesting bonuses unlockable for Reputation, including:

  • Platinum Loot Crates
  • Base colors
  • Camouflage patterns
  • Decals
  • Player titles
  • Player avatars
  • Unique commander

We hope that you will enjoy this new dealer and his vehicles!

New Commander

A new commander called Andrey Zaytsev is available for unlocking all the progression vehicles of the new dealer.


Andrey Zaytsev was born in Baranovichi, Belarus. As a child, he excelled in mathematics and had no interest in a military career. However, during his mandatory one-year service, he has proven himself as an excellent tank gunner. As a result, he decided to stay in the army and gradually shifted his interests towards PMCs. Following several successful operations, he was promoted to the role of a vehicle commander.

In Armored Warfare, Andrey Zaytsev is a sniper commander intended for long range gameplay and offering excellent bonuses for this role as long as the vehicle he commands remains stationary.

Final Mission of the “Caribbean Crisis” Story Arc

Update 0.24 concludes the first Special Operation with a vicious fight for survival against the forces of Clayburn Industries in Jamaica, sent in to destroy all targets regardless of any previous affiliations. The players must ally themselves with Magnus Holter to survive the corporate onslaught.


More of the story will be revealed during the mission itself!

New map “Alpine Valley” for Global Operations

Narrow gorges of Switzerland, surrounded by titanic mountains, are perhaps not the best terrain for armored vehicle operations, but warriors go where they are needed, regardless of whether they fight out of sense of duty or for cold, hard cash. War has come to this alpine valley and it’s your task to root out the enemy and control this strategic location for your client, commander.


The new large Alpine Valley map for Global Operations features three brand new wildcards:

  • Helicopters, flying around while spotting and firing at the enemy
  • Artillery, shelling the opposing forces at long distances
  • Support in the form of allied AI-controlled tanks appearing, ready to help you turn the tide of war in your favor

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Apart from these main features, Update 0.24 features a large number of improvements and fixes of the existing game mechanics.

We hope that you will enjoy it and will see you on the battlefield!

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