Update 0.44.1 Now Available


We are happy to announce that the Update 0.44.1 is now available!


List of Update 0.44.1 Changes

Eclipse Battle Path

The Battle Path’s duration is now set to 120 days. Additional extensions are very possible when we begin to reach the end of this deadline. Additionally, the following changes are taking place in this update:

  • Adjusted the entry price of the Battle Path to the intended value
  • Fixed the animation and sound of Overprogression Loot Crates
  • Added a new Eclipse garage to the game (takes place early in the story, in Arizona)
  • Level 49 now costs the correct amount of Battle Coins
  • Diary button no longer displays “404” error when inspecting it while not having access to the Battle Path
  • Battle Path vehicles are now correctly assigned to their dealers (Otomatic – Francine De Laroche, TOS and Gadyuka – Marat Shishkin and Gepard – Sophie Wolfli)
  • Fixed an issue where 3 Overprogression Loot Crates awarded a Progression vehicle (Sucuri II)
  • Fixed an issue where the M551 Acid skin wasn’t being awarded correctly when bought in the Shop
  • Fixed the price of Workshop modules in the Upgrade window (their requirements did not change but the modules now visually cost 10 XP)
  • Gadyuka parts are no longer available for trading on Lootdog

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when trying to play videos and animations
  • Fixed an issue where some vehicles (Stridsvagn 2000, Object 195, Armata, Armata 152) did not count as “heavy” for the purposes of Platoon creation
  • Fixed an issue where the AI opponents in PvE were teleporting around, including into buildings, rocks and other obstacles
  • Fixed an issue where two Loot Crates would open at once if you decided to skip the animation
  • EBRC Jaguar: Fixed an issue where this vehicle had an invulnerable turret (parts of its hitbox were missing)
  • EBRC Jaguar: Fixed an issue where the muzzle brake was not moving in sync with the barrel
  • Gadyuka: Fixed this vehicle’s armor and modules (multiple issues)
  • Gadyuka: Moved the ammo rack to its correct location under the turret
  • Gadyuka: Removed the “Unmanned Turret” trait and made the turret manned (takes full damage)
  • Gadyuka: Fixed an issue where this vehicle didn’t count as Special Vehicle in the Garage filter
  • Gepard: Fixed the performance of HE shells (reduced their non-penetration damage)
  • Gepard: Fixed the Radar ability name and description
  • Gepard: Fixed the lower frontal plate that was incorrectly 7mm thick (now it corresponds to the upper frontal plate)
  • Otomatic: Fixed an issue where this vehicle didn’t count as Special Vehicle in the Garage filter
  • T-80B: Fixed an issue where upgrading to ERA actually created two weakspots (driver hatch, lower frontal plate)
  • TOS-1M: Fixed an issue where the Armor Inspector showed the launcher and its elements flying in the air
  • TOS-1M: 122mm rockets are now fired from the launcher in the correct order
  • TOS-1M: Fixed this vehicle’s acceleration
  • Fixed an issue that caused the acceleration statistics to appear incorrectly for a large number of vehicles (the actual values did not change, they just appear correctly now)
  • Fixed several smaller visual issues
  • Fixed several smaller localization issues

Please note that the update is incorrectly marked as Update 0.41.5 – this nomenclature issue will be fixed in the future.

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