Update 0.46 Now Available


We are happy to announce that the Update 0.46 is now available!


List of Update 0.46 Changes

Battle Path Fixes

We are introducing the following Eclipse Battle Path fixes and changes:

  • Completed Derivatsiya, Ghost and Gadyuka vehicles can only be sold for Credits
  • Removed the incorrectly included Type 16 MCV progression vehicle from the Overprogression Loot Crate contents (all players affected with this issue should contact Support for compensation)
  • Fixed an issue where the Shop would sometimes show “Owned” for all items, even those you don’t have yet

Direct Fire Artillery Test

The previously announced test will start today as intended. Please note that the Akatsiya has several issues that we know about, including:

  • Missing icon
  • Missing machinegun
  • Blocked retrofits

There’s no need to report these. Please submit your feedback to the survey linked in this article.

Please also note that the Akatsiya may take a whole day to arrive to your account.

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the game was crashing after playing the intro video
  • Fixed additional rare crash reasons
  • Fixed an issue where some elements of the game were incorrectly localized (the “Type 99A1” issue)
  • AI vehicles no longer randomly teleport when aimed at
  • AI vehicles no longer stop moving when all the player vehicles are destroyed
  • AI vehicles now have tweaked path finding (should not get stuck on vehicle wrecks so much)
  • Gadyuka: Fixed the incorrectly moving flags
  • Gepard: Reduced the minimum damage of HE and PELE shells
  • Gepard: Reduced the penetration of PELE shells to 50mm
  • Jaguar: Fixed the incorrectly thin turret armor
  • M50 Ontos: Fixed an issue where this vehicle didn’t lose any camouflage when moving
  • T-62M: Vehicle no longer drowns too early
  • T-80B: Fixed an issue where installing the Kontakt-1 armor kit would create a driver hatch weakspot for no reason
  • T-80B: Fixed various minor armor and ERA issues
  • T-80B: Fixed various smaller armor issues on the T-80BV skin
  • Fixed an issue where new accounts wouldn’t see any Tier 1 vehicles in their Garage
  • Fixed an issue where the UI wouldn’t scale correctly on large screens
  • Fixed an issue where the Inventory button in the Garage menu was not written in capital letters in Russian (tiny problem but definitely an annoying one)
  • Fixed some small localization issues
  • Added a few assets for upcoming events
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