Video Contest: Your Arena Moment!


Some Moments are nice. Some are nicer; and some are worth making immortal. In the Arena you will feel many moments. Some will be tense. Some will be disappointing; and some will be everything you’ve ever dreamed they could be!


The Arena is a place for the players, by the players, and we want to know your favorite Arena moment. Don’t tell us in a letter, note, or an image. That’s much too easy, and much too casual. Tell us in a video! Moments are special, and your favorite moment should be the most special of them all!

From February 9 to February 26, 2018 (23:59 CET or 11:59 PM PST), all contenders in the Arena will be eligible to submit a video showcasing their favorite Arena Moment!

Submissions can be funny, sad, hopeful, informative or dramatic, but should be both original and compelling!

To enter:

  • Experience an Arena Moment (killing 5 players with your Air Strike is a nice example – mind you, enemy players that is!)
  • Make a video about that Moment (feel free to use the GameCenter recording feature!)
  • Upload your Arena Moment to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo or Twitch with the tag #MycomArenaMoment

It’s that simple!

Players may experience more than one moment worth memorializing. This isn’t an issue! Have multiple moments? Make multiple videos!


Top four submissions (selected by Community Managers) will be awarded with the following rewards:

  • First Place: BMPT Sapphire Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer and 7 days of Premium Time
  • Second Place: Merkava IID Storm Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank and 3 days of Premium Time
  • Third Place: Kampfpanzer 70 Tier 6 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • Fourth Place: ZBD-86 Neon Tier 3 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle

Should a winner select a vehicle he or she already owns, he or she will receive its price in Gold instead.


  • Only entries uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo or Twitch with the hashtag #MycomArenaMoment between February 9th and February 26th 2018 (23:59 CET or 11:59 PM PST) will be eligible
  • Only videos in one of our supported languages (English, French, German and Polish) will be accepted
  • Please add your in-game nickname and server to the video description
  • Multiple entries can be submitted but only one entry can win per account
  • The video can feature several vehicles – however, only the creator can be awarded a prize
  • Feel free to use video editing software to put your video together
  • Videos cannot be longer than 3 minutes.
  • Entries cannot contain any material that violates the Armored Warfare Forum Code of Conduct, game Terms of Service or account Terms of Service (any breaches will result in a disqualification)
  • The winners will be determined by the subjective judgment of the team and winners will be announced a few days after the submission deadline
  • You agree that your video can be used by for promotional purposes (e.g. published on official channels or the website)
  • Content used to create your entry (including images, music, sound effects, video) cannot be copyrighted material by a third party. Only material Armored Warfare, or copyright-free license can be used

There is plenty of time left to experience that perfect moment. But time is an elusive thing; at one moment you have it; and in the next, you don’t. Keeping accurate records on an organized schedule is key to getting ahead in this challenge!

We look forward to experiencing your favorite moments of the Arena, together!

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