Warlords of the Wasteland – Home Stretch


The Warlords of the Wasteland Battle Path campaign is coming to an end on April 11, 2019 at 2 AM CEST (the exact remaining time can be seen within the Battle Path tab in the game).


For those players who lack a few Battle Coins to get the prize they’ve been working on obtaining, we’ve prepared a special last minute offer available on MyLoot:

  • 1.000 Battle Coins (10% discount)
  • 5.000 Battle Coins (15% discount)
  • 10.000 Battle Coins (25% discount)
  • 50.000 Battle Coins (45% discount)

Important reminder:

Please note that with the end of the event, the Battle Coins will become impossible to spend and will not carry over to the next Battle Path campaign (since we are planning to make it radically different).

Make sure to spend any leftover Battle Coins either on Battle Path progress (and the prizes that come with it) or on the Wasteland Loot Crates, containing the BMPT Mod. 2017 Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer, the parts of which can be sold for Gold.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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