Weekend Warrior – Stingray 2 Shark


Welcome to our Weekend Warrior series where we give you the opportunity to try out some of the best premium vehicles in Armored Warfare along with cool bonuses!

Today’s Weekend Warrior vehicle is the Stingray 2 Shark. The Stingray 2 Light Tank was developed by Cadillac Gage as an upgraded variant of the original Stingray. The philosophy behind both Stingrays was to install powerful, MBT-class 105 mm rifled cannon on a light, mobile and – most importantly – affordable chassis. Despite its qualities, the vehicle was never a commercial success because the market became flooded with Cold War surplus.


In Armored Warfare, the Stingray 2 Shark is a Premium version of the Tier 7 Light Tank, featuring unique camouflage and Level 5 crews. It’s one of the most powerful vehicles of its Tier. While its armor is not nearly as strong as that of an MBT of equal Tier, its agility and firepower more than make up for that. The Stingray 2 Shark is a true hunter on the battlefield, running circles around its enemies and firing its powerful 105mm cannon at their vulnerable sides. In skilled hands, it’s absolutely devastating.

To make getting to know it easier, we have prepared a series of bonuses for you for this weekend.

Between October 13 and October 15 2017, players will have the opportunity to receive the following:

  • Win 5 battles in any mode in a Tier 4 or higher vehicle to receive 10 Automatic Fire Extinguisher consumables
  • Win 10 battles in any mode in a Tier 4 or higher vehicle to receive the “Black One” and “White One” decals
  • 10% Discount on all consumables
  • 50% Credit income bonus for all battles

Please note that the decals and the extinguishers will be delivered at the end of the event.

Decals (Click to Open)


Interested in obtaining the Stingray 2 Shark? It is now available in the following bundles:

Standard Bundle for 27.49 EUR (USD) containing:

  • Stingray 2 Shark Tier 7 Light Tank

Extended Bundle for 49.99 EUR (USD) containing:

  • Stingray 2 Shark Tier 7 Light Tank
  • 7 days of Premium Time
  • 20 Gold Loot Crates

Weekend Warrior Bundle for 59.99 EUR (USD) containing:

  • Stingray 2 Shark Tier 7 Light Tank
  • 30 days of Premium Time
  • 30 Gold Loot Crates
  • 3 Platinum Loot Crates


And how about some Shark decals? We have those too!

  • Shark (White) Decal for 2.99 EUR (USD)
  • Shark (Black) Decal for 2.99 EUR (USD)
  • Shark (Color) for 2.99 EUR (USD)
  • All the decals above in one bundle for 7.49 EUR (USD)

Decals (Click to Open)


Please note:

  • This event starts on October 13, 16:00 CEST (7 AM PDT)
  • This event is available until October 16 2017, 9:00 CEST (12 AM PDT)
  • Every bundle can only be purchased once per account
  • Every bundle is delivered either to the EU server or to the NA server, based on your server selection
  • If you already owned a bundle vehicle, you will instead receive its Compensation Value in Gold instead
  • Compensation Value for the Stingray 2 Shark is 5,500 Gold

We hope that you will enjoy this event and will see you on the battlefield!

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