What I love in AW – The Winners!

Unbelievable! We received so many amazing pieces of art submitted for our Creative Contest “What I love in AW!” during the last two weeks – now it’s about time to announce the winners and of course to introduce the voting period for our “Community Choice Award”.

So, let’s start with the winners first! Who will receive our amazing prizes, powered by MSI GAMING?

The Winners

1st Place: The winner of the GK-701 Gaming Keyboard is: The_Valiant!

He will get his hands on a brand new GK-701 Gaming Keyboard and on the top of that he will be able to choose between a “Typhoon” or “Lightning” Collectors Edition!


2nd Place: The second place goes to: The_Black_Fox!

His amazing video can be found here.

Our 2nd winner will pamper his ears with this stunning DS502 GAMING Headset and will be able to choose between a “Typhoon” or “Lightning” Collectors Edition!


3rd Place: The third place goes to: Knuckles


From now on his mouse will rest on a XIELD5 Gaming Mousepad and he can choose between a “Typhoon” or “Lightning” Collectors Edition!


4th Place: The fourth place goes to: Sabor!


5th Place: The fifth place goes to: Vertus!


Both the fourth and the fifth place prize winners can choose between a “Typhoon” or “Lightning” Collectors Edition!

Congratulations to all our winners! ....but wait, there’s more!

The Community Choice Winner

Don’t forget to vote for our “Community Choice Award” winner on our Community Choice survey! The “Community Choice” winner will be rewarded with one “Emperor” Collectors Edition – the voting will end on the 28th of October 2015, 06:00 PM (CET).

Thanks to all commanders who participated in this contest and, once more, congratulations to all the winners! We’re very excited about your Community Choice – see you on the battlefield!

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