Armored Warfare - Stack-Up Partnership

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to announce the new partnership with the Stack-Up military charity! And we’re kicking off this partnership in a big way!

On Friday, January 29th starting at 9:00am PST we’re going to be hosting a 24-hour marathon charity live stream where & Obsidian staff, as well as streamers from the Armored Warfare community will be streaming all day and all night. During the stream we’ll be encouraging the community to donate to this great charity!


We’ll share the schedule of streamer for the charity stream later this week but it’s important to note that some streamers may stream in languages other than English.

It’s going to be a great event and we hope to you all join us! If you don’t want to wait for the stream you can donate now on the Armored Warfare Stack-Up Team Donation page.

About Stack-Up

Stack-Up.Org (EIN: 47-5424265) is a military non-profit charity founded in 2015 by Captain Steven “Shanghai Six” Machuga (ret.) to proudly support US, NATO and ANZAC veterans with the power of gaming through three platforms:

  • Supply Crates: Stack-Up provides video game-filled supply crates to veterans deployed to combat zones and recovering in military hospitals
  • Air Assaults: Stack-Up flies deserving veterans to various gaming events and to development studios for tours of their favorite titles
  • The Stacks: Through a shared language of gaming, veterans and civilians volunteer together locally to support veterans and their families back home through on-base events such as family support groups picnics or deployment ceremonies

Let’s all help this good cause – see you on the battlefield!

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