Armored Warfare Tips n’ Tricks Contest!

Are you an Armored Warfare veteran? Have you got what it takes to make an awesome YouTube video? We’re looking to the community to create some great short “tips n’ tricks” videos that will help players new to Armored Warfare learn about the game and become better commanders!


This contest will run from Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 through Tuesday, December 22, 2015! If you’re looking for inspiration for what kind of videos to create, here are some are some of the topics we’re looking for have videos for:

List of Video Topics

Beginners Guide to Armored Vehicles

  • What class is the best for your play style
  • How do you purchase Armored Vehicles (Progression + Dealers)

AFV Class

  • Top 3 Tips Video
  • Pros & Cons Video
  • Abilities Video

Fighting 101

  • Beginners guide to Ammo Types
  • Playing your role on the team (front line, scouting, sniping, etc.)
  • How to engage a MBT
  • Is flanking really a viable option?

Armored Weak Points

Map Guide Videos

Maximizing Your Progression

  • How to get the most XP the fastest
  • How to level up your commander & crew

Crews & Commanders

  • What crew perks are the best for what situation
  • Swapping your Commander and/or crew
  • Why is leveling up for Commander & Crew so important?

Advanced Protection Systems

  • Spaced Armor Video
  • ERA Video
  • APS Video
  • Applique Passive Armor Video


  • How do I get retrofits?
  • What are they and how do they help?


  • Beginners guide to upgrades
  • Spending your credits wisely (what upgrades should be done first and what can wait)


  • What are they and how do I use them?
  • What consumable are the most important to have in a match?

But you’re not limited to just those topics - if you have an idea for a good/useful tips n’ tricks video by all means create it and submit it to the contest! Of course, there’s goodies in store for the top videos (as chosen by the Community Team)! We’re offering a whole slew of prizes for those of you willing to take on this challenging task:

  • 1st Prize - Emperor Collector’s Edition, Mystery Tanks Bundle (5 Tanks)
  • 2nd Prize - Emperor Collector’s Edition, Mystery Tanks Bundle (3 Tanks)
  • 3rd Prize - Emperor Collector’s Edition, Mystery Tanks Bundle (2 Tanks)
  • 4th-6th Prize - Mystery Tanks Bundle (5 Tanks), 2 Weeks Premium Time
  • 7th-8th Prize - Mystery Tanks Bundle (3 Tanks), 1 Week Premium Time
  • 9th-10th Prize - Mystery Tanks Bundle (2 Tanks), 3 Days Premium Time

Please note that the Mystery Tanks will be revealed at a later date. If you’re up for the challenge, start creating those videos! Once your video(s) is ready you can submit to the contest by posting it in the Official Armored Warfare Tips n’ Tricks Contest Entry Thread on our forums.

Rules & Regulations

  • Entries must be submitted to the official entry thread on the Armored Warfare forum. Submissions via other means (unless explicitly agreed to in writing by a Community Team Member due to extraordinary circumstances) will not be eligible.
  • Entries may be in any of the following languages: English, German, French, Polish, or Czech!
  • Videos must be high quality (HD resolution / good audio levels / etc.)
  • Videos cannot contain any material that violates the or Armored Warfare Code of Conduct. Keep it rated E for Everyone!
  • Videos cannot contain any copyrighted material (i.e. licensed music). Please note entries can contain any and all material captured from Armored Warfare itself
  • Your entry must be an original creation. Plagiarism and passing off other’s work as your own will get you disqualified.
  • By submitting an entry, you agree to allow us to use your video, your likeness, and any associated material for marketing or promotional purposes.
  • Entries must be posted on YouTube, but please be prepared to provide a source file should you win a Top 10 Prize
  • Winners will be determined by the subjective judgment of the Armored Warfare community team
  • The Armored Warfare Tips n’ Tricks Contest submission period begins at 12:01am CET December 9 and ends at 11:59pm CET December 22
  • Winners will be announced on December 24

Good luck!

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