Banner Bearer Contest: Winners


The Banner Bearer contest is over and now’s the time to take a look at the winners.


The following 26 champions have completed the challenge and obtained the Object 490 Tier 10 Premium MBT by July 19, 2019:

  • Tenam (BrutalsPlayersElites)
  • Drugs (SNAKE)
  • Avan (CLAW)
  • Sexy_Nightmare (Mage_Division_1st)
  • Enoxxx (BMBCS)
  • Omnidon (HAVOK)
  • Eskobar68 (Brutals Players Elite)
  • Schneefuchs (DGSH)
  • Mateng (MY PANCERNI)
  • AktiveMike (Spezial Operation Panzer)
  • Buckaroo_Banzai (TheReapersClubs)
  • Schnakkel (DragonClaws)
  • Lord_Randall (SRY)
  • Reky76 (Český takový prapor)
  • gre38120 (Le 3ème escadron du 501ème RCC)
  • DanishSkull (DKPB)
  • akademik2011 (GURT)
  • Coyote (AMX30)
  • TA55U (SUDET)
  • Cybernetic_Fox (Euro_Force_Tankers)
  • Howzzat (XARMY)
  • dfnce (ENEMY)
  • Slow_As_Hell (RNDGS)
  • MahoNishizume (AKAMI)
  • ceejee007 (SiBa)

They and their Battalions will be rewarded by having their flags introduced especially for them to Armored Warfare. Please note, however, that introducing new assets is a lengthy process and it might take a while. For now, enjoy the Premium Time you’ve also won!

Thank you all for participating in the contest and see you on the battlefield!

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