Age of Rage Contest: Banner Bearer


The Age of Rage Battle Path campaign, chock full of amazing prizes, has begun – but now we’d like to give the opportunity to earn even more to the most dedicated Battalions and players:

Unique opportunity to get your Battalion’s logo introduced to the game as a flag!


The core of the event is very simple. Each participating Battalion must elect their champion – or banner bearer, if you will – who will represent it in this contest. The champion must then register using a special form that includes the identification of the represented Battalion. Switching battalions is not permitted once registered!

The goal is simple, yet also challenging:

Each champion must enter the Battle Path and obtain the main prize – Object 490 Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank – until July 19, 15:00 CEST.

Upon doing so:

  • The victorious champion’s Battalion will have its flag added to Armored Warfare
  • The champion will also have the Flag feature unlocked
  • The entire battalion will receive 3 days of Premium Time

In other words – if your Battalion has an interesting logo that you were always dreaming of having implemented in the game, now’s your chance.

Upon the achievement, each champion must inform us of the feat using another form, at which point the prizes will be awarded to the champion and the Battalion as quickly as possible.

Please keep the following rules in mind:

  • This contest ends on July 19, 15:00 CEST
  • Only one champion can represent one battalion – in case two players from the same battalion register, the first to register will be taken into account (agreeing on a champion lies exclusively within the competence of a battalion)
  • All champions must register in this form (please include contact info)
  • Only one flag submission per battalion is allowed, submitted flag must be linked to in the completion form
  • Once registered, switching Battalions is not permitted until the end of the contest
  • Each participating Battalion must have at least three players, including the champion
  • Submitting a flag for implementation is optional and can be skipped, if said so by the player
  • The submissions must not use any copyrighted parts or assets and must be created by the submitting user (yes, we will check)
  • The required format is a PNG file of at least 1024x512 pixel size (the flag image must not be of lower resolution, smaller images resized to 1024x512 will not be accepted)
  • The submission must not be in breach of Armored Warfare Terms of Service and of Discord rules – offensive and otherwise unacceptable submissions will be disqualified
  • members of staff reserve the right to refuse any flag submission at their discretion
  • If a champion already have the flag feature unlocked, he or she will receive 9.999 Gold instead
  • Introducing a flag to the game is a lengthy process and can take several months, please be patient
  • Every flag will be only submitted to a battalion once using the battalion’s roster at the point of submitted event completion and will stay exclusive to those players, forever

Enjoy this event and see you on the battlefield!

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