Maintenance - July 3

On the 3rd of July 2019, starting from 8:00 CEST (2nd of July, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 4 hours due to the application of Update 0.29.5589.


List of Update 0.29.5589 Changes

  • Introduced a number of economy improvements, described in our dedicated article
  • Fixed the issue that would cause the game to freeze upon returning from battle
  • Fixed the issue where some vehicles would appear without textures (black model parts) in battle
  • Fixed the issue that caused new player clients or reinstalled clients to display an error instead of launching
  • Fixed several Battle Path mission descriptions
  • Fixed several incorrect Contract Mission descriptions
  • Fixed the issue where vehicle customization options such as camouflages would sometimes disappear and become unavailable even though they were unlocked correctly from the Inventory (this mostly concerns the cases of Battle Path camouflage disappearances)
  • Added a frames-per-second limiter for the Garage and for situations where the game is minimized or out of focus in order to remedy the issue with high GPU workload in Garage
  • The Moscow Calling contract missions Bull and Pyromaniac, which require players to destroy enemies by ramming and by setting them on fire, now work with a 5x multiplier in PvP (setting an enemy vehicle on fire in PvP counts as 5 vehicles for the purpose of these missions)
  • Reduced the difficulty of the Hardcore version of the first Moscow Calling Special Operation mission (players who won it before this change will receive a special achievement)
  • Moscow Calling Special Operation 1: Fixed the issue that caused one bot to sometimes not appear (the “9/10” issue)
  • Moscow Calling Special Operation 1: Fixed the voiceover of the final cutscene
  • Moscow Calling Special Operation 1: Changed the conditions for the appearance several objectives. The checkpoint defense objectives (second checkpoint and bridge) now appear when the active objective timer reaches 55 seconds or when all the bots that are trying to capture the current active objective are eliminated
  • Moscow Calling Special Operation 1: The objective to protect Magnus becomes active when the bridge defense objective timer reaches 43 seconds or when all the bots that are trying to capture the bridge are eliminated
  • Moscow Calling Special Operation 1: Vehicles now use woodland camouflage instead of the incorrect desert one on this map
  • T-90, M60A2, Challenger 1, Challenger 1 Falcon: Improved the visual quality of its model
  • C1 Ariete: Fixed the missing upgrade token
  • T-15 Armata: Increased weight to its real life value of 55 tons, leading to reduced mobility due to its higher weight
  • Expeditionary Tank: Its smoke grenade deployment angle now depends on the position of its turret
  • M1128 Stryker: Fixed an issue where smoke grenades would not launch depending on where the turret was aiming
  • BWP-2000: Fixed an issue where its ATGM reticle would not align correctly with player camera angle
  • ASCOD LT, ZUBR PSP: Fixed an issue where their gun tooltip would display an incorrect aim time value
  • Object 490: Changed the placing of a Battalion decal on this vehicle
  • AMX-30B2 Brenus: Fixed the smoke grenade launcher black textures
  • BMPT Prototype: Fixed the appearance of Sapphire and Reaper skins
  • OT-64 Cobra: Improved the appearance of this vehicle model’s glass surfaces
  • BM Oplot: Fixed an issue where the hard-kill APS animation would sometimes not work
  • Fixed several issues with camera shaking
  • Global Operations: Fixed an issue where players could sometimes spawn on top of one another
  • The Primer decal (belonging to an Armored Warfare video creator of the same name) was fixed
  • Fixed an issue where battle reconnection through a vehicle context menu would not work
  • Fixed the minimum and low detail setting lighting of the Moscow Calling seasonal garage
  • Fixed an issue where crew members would sometimes not update correctly when switching between active vehicles
  • Fixed an UI issue where disabled settings would sometimes appear enabled (this does not unfortunately concern the V-sync issue, that is a separate matter)
  • Fixed an UI issue where the Premium vehicle Credit income bonus would appear as 50 percent instead of the intended 100 percent
  • Fixed several visual model issues
  • Fixed several UI issues (broken Battle Path context menu etc.)
  • Added a number of U.S. Independence Day-related assets
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