Battalion Night - Round 2

A game is always more enjoyable when played with friends, and Armored Warfare is no exception. Whether you want to join an existing battalion or create your own, we’re happy to run the second round of the Battalion Night!

What is the Battalion Night?

The Battalion Night is a “meet and greet” event where players can meet their future battalion and play together, or promote their existing battalion. They will also have the opportunity to use our official community TeamSpeak server, and even chat with the Armored Warfare team members!

To join the official community TeamSpeak server, please download TeamSpeak 3 and add the following bookmark : No password required!


When will the event take place?

The Battalion Night will start on December 18th at 5pm CET (EU players) and 5pm PST (NA players)

How to join the event?

The Battalion night requires no preparation – simply join our TeamSpeak server during the evening and get chatting! For this occasion, several members of the community team will be available for a few hours on the 18th of December):

  • Antoine (Armored Warfare Producer)
  • Ketsen (EU Community Lead)
  • Freitag (NA Community Manager)
  • Silentstalker (English/Czech Lead Content Manager)
  • Firo (German Community Manager)
  • MaciekM4a4 (Polish Community Manager)

Whether you have a question about the game or a comment for the team, we’d be delighted to have a chat with you!

Make new friends, play as a team and have fun! We look forward to see you on the battlefield!

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