Reminder - Battalion Night & Pentathlon

Attention, commanders! We would like to remind you that the “Battalion Night” and “Pentathlon” events are about to begin! If you missed the initial news, don't worry, we've got you covered. Join us tonight and meet the team on Teamspeak!


How to join the Battalion Night event

Starting at 17:00 CET (EU players) and 18:00 PST (NA players) this Friday, our official Teamspeak server will open its doors to the following members of the team:

  • Antoine (Armored Warfare Producer)
  • Ketsen (EU Community Lead)
  • Freitag (NA Community Manager)
  • Silentstalker (English/Czech Lead Content Manager)
  • Firo (German Community Manager)
  • MaciekM4a4 (Polish Community Manager)

Whether you have a question about the game or a comment for any of us, we’d be delighted to have a chat with you!

The Penthathlon

The registration phase of the Penthathon event will end soon, so don't miss this last chance to join the battlefield with your team! Once the registration thread is closed and the event has begun, please post your best results (1 post per registered battalion leader) in these threads:

Note: the threads will be opened on Saturday morning.


Join the Streamers

Even if you're not able to join us, the following streamers will broadcast the event. Feel free to check out their channels:

  • Ritagamer - the stream will start around 18:00 with Silentstalker as a guest

Make new friends, play as a team and reap the rewards! We look forward to see you on the battlefield!

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