Community Interview: Fizzymilk757

We are delighted that the British Youtuber Fizzymilk757 accepted our invitation for an interview!


Who’s Fizzymilk757? Please introduce yourself!

Hello! I’m William, some of you may already know me as Fizzymilk757. I’m 17, nearly 18 years old and living in England, as well as producing videos for Armored Warfare! Currently studying conservation at college, either hoping for a lifestyle outdoors, or playing Armored Warfare!

How and when did you start playing Armored Warfare?

I originally over heard some of my friends talking of “a mystical tank game involving modern day armor” and that sparked my interest for the game, after finding Armored Warfare and applying for the Alpha I was pleasantly surprised that I was invited into the Closed Alpha Test, back in February of 2015, continuing to play the game all the way through till now, and into the far future!

Your YouTube channel currently focuses solely on Armored Warfare – what type of content do you make?

I produce content from across the board, tank reviews, help guides for new players, and gameplay either from myself or subscribers, when they send in their replays! I always aim my content not to show the game off, but to help players progress their skills and find the enjoyment in the game that, I myself, have found!

How has your experience in the Open Beta phase been so far?

My experience has been awesome! From seeing the game in Alpha to where it is now, it’s only gone from strength to strength! I have witnessed the odd blip in the game but overall it’s been getting better and better! The new ideas that have been introduced are that are going to be introduced certainly add to the depth and enjoyment of the game!

What are your favorite vehicles and maps in Armored Warfare?

Well, my favorite tanks in the game have to be the RDF/LT, Challenger 1 and to most people’s surprise the M60A2 Starship! The mixture of playstyle from mobile + high DPM or heavy armor, to hard hitting just make them enjoyable for myself! Maps on the other hand, are totally dependent on what vehicle I’m playing, but overall Cold strike, Port Storm, and River point are my favorite maps, having urban close quarters areas mixed in with the open areas where you are free to maneuver at your will I just find produces the most dynamic gameplay!

What's your most anticipated feature or improvement to Armored Warfare?

For me, any improvement and new feature makes me excited, but I was to have to say, it would either be an upgrade to the existing replay system, or the loot system! It has so much potential, I always thought about how you could get new modules which may vary slightly from the modules already on the vehicles! Could call for some interesting developments!

What's your first impression of Lords of War?

It certainly is very interesting, and does have a lot of room for improvement, but for the time being, it adds the end game content that a lot of the community have been wanting for a long time! But for myself, I’m not a very competitive player so I won’t be playing in it for a long time.

How do you like the Armored Warfare community so far?

The Armored Warfare community is quite a mixed bunch of people! I’ve seen my fair share of people who aren’t the best to run into, but as well I’ve met loads of really friendly people who just want to have fun, and they cast a huge shadow over those who aren’t that nice! It’s great to see the community coming together, especially when the game was just coming out of CBT and everyone wanted to stay positive and help the new players ease into the game! I felt proud to be a part of this community for sure!

Is there something you would improve?

For my high tier gameplay balance is a big issue, it’s all well and good for the great players, but when the more average players get there, it becomes a turkey shoot, and isn’t that enjoyable. It’s great to see the game moving away from that and trying to fix it, but more testing and work definitely needs to be done to ensure it’s as good as it can be, and shot delay, that can be highly annoying!

Where can players find your channel?

Anyone wanting find out more and watch my content can find all my videos on YouTube!

Last but not least, is there anything you'd like to tell the Armored Warfare players?

Stay awesome guys! It’s a real pleasure to produce content, and fight alongside you all!

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