Community Interview: HYPE

In this Community Interview issue, we have interviewed the Polish HYPE battalion, one of the best competitive battalions of Armored Warfare.


When did you create your battalion and who founded it?

The battalion was formed on the 5th of January 2016 by a merger of the two strongest Polish battalions - UNIQ and WNC. Ebony (the commander of UNIQ) and eRu_83 (the commander of WNC) came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to do a merger and combine the best players into a strong, successful, 100% Polish battalion.

How did you get your name?

We decided to take the comical approach to naming - HYPE. We wanted to make noise on the Polish and foreign scene both and we did make it.

Who is your leader and how does your ranking system work?

The commanders of HYPE are Ebony and eRu_83. We also have 8 officers, who have different functions: advisors, team captains, strategists, recruiters, etc. We all contribute a lot to the development of the battalion.

How many players are there in your Battalion?

We currently have 89 players in our Battalion. Some players quitted Armored Warfare due to poor developer policies, but the vast majority appears in the game and on Teamspeak. We do get asked about the possibility of joining our ranks all the time.

There are no Battalion Wars in Armored Warfare yet, what do you focus your activities on at the moment?

HYPE is a tournament battalion; we try to have as many teams as possible for each event. Players participate in them and play in platoons. From time to time, we play training matches with other battalions. The availability of Teamspeak is also an important factor, which cements friendships and acquaintances.

Will you take part in any future battalion-level content?

Absolutely. Special battalion modes are what we are waiting for.

Armored Warfare has battalions and a mercenary story line background, how do like it or relate to it?

For some of our players it's important.

Did you have any special moments/experiences in Armored Warfare?

We regularly take the first place amongst the winners in organized tournaments. We are recognized and counted amongst the strongest battalions in the game. We earned our reputation due to the discipline and commitment of our players. I think that we are worthy representatives of the Polish community.

Are you recruiting and if so, what are the requirements?

Uncommon abilities, show to us by playing in a platoon. We also expect the players to think, have the ability to predict the situation on the map and the ability to work as a team. It’s great to have many vehicles ready to play in tournaments. What is also welcomed is player specific class specialization in key battles, AFV amongst other things.

What are you offering to your members?

What can we offer?

  • Priority provinces in Territory Wars. In the future, we will try to get as many as possible and share the spoils with the members of the team.
  • Participation in campaigns and events
  • Playing all types of tournaments organized by AW and players. We have strategists of the highest quality
  • Active participation in ESL Leagues 7v7 and 3v3 in the EU and PL zone
  • Companies
  • Platoons
  • Training

The members of our battalion know that they can count on someone playing with them in a platoon or in any team mode. We are looking for high level players who want to fight, have fun and improve their skills.

Final question: what message do you want to get to other Armored Warfare players and battalions?

For those who want to join us, and who hesitate, the best incentive should be results of previous tournaments, where HYPE is undeniably one of the main favorites that can be compared to the strongest opponents, constantly improving the skills. And to the opponents - see you in battle.

We hope you've enjoyed this interview and see you on the battlefield!

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