Community Interview: Spitfire

One of the best known tank girls is our community moderator Spitfire, who's sharing her Armored Warfare experiences in live streams, broadcasted from the green islands of the United Kingdom. We're very happy to finally spotlight her channel!


Who is Spitfire? Please introduce yourself!

I'm Spitfire, or Sophie. 19-year-old Transgender female moderator. I stream for Armored Warfare in a laid back and playful manner (with coffee). British/Irish redhead born and bred :P

You're a Community Moderator? Can you tell the readers what that is?

With a cup of coffee in one hand and the mighty banhammer in the other, I travel through the intergalactic nature of the forum and punish the wrongdoers with the swings of my hammer and protect the meek and innocent with the coffee! Rawr.

In all seriousness being a community moderator, or mod, means that I'm a part of the community team and I moderate the forums. That means I check on threads and posts daily and hourly, filter out the less desirable content and attempt to promote the better one. People believe that moderators exist solely to ban and punish - while we do that, it is only a tiny fraction of the job. My actual experience "moderating" is usually passing constructive feedback on as well as bug reports. I remember that one time when there was a spelling mistake in a PvE game, which I forwarded on to our dev rep and he told me that he had annoyed his coworker with it because she was the one who writes the content :)

Your YouTube channel currently focuses on Armored Warfare – what type of content do you make?

Generally multiplayer games, but I do like strategy games and sometimes play Civilization 5, Wargame series and Total War. But with Armored Warfare as my focus, I do churn out quite a bit of content and half of my streaming schedule is dedicated to AW :3 Thursday-Saturday 19:00-21:00 is when I stream AW with Fiaura the Tank Girl.

How has your experience of the Open Beta period been so far?

A relatively positive experience, it has gone well and the setbacks, while here and there, are common in any game and they have been fixed or are going to be. The grind for vehicles and modules is pretty good and far more relaxing than other games. I suppose it's a new experience for both OE and and there will always be teething problems >.>. But at the end of the day, these teething problems are common for everyone starting out and what matters is how it's handled and fixed. In that regard, AW is doing pretty well.

What are your favorite vehicles and maps in Armored Warfare?

My favorite map is Pipelines as it's always a good map for my AFV and scout usage. My favorite vehicle is still the Tier 5 T-64A from Alpha, but in the game now? Likely to be the Leopard 2 and the T-90, the Leo 2 being a strong vehicle in every regard and the T-90 just being a classic vehicle with its boomstick.

What's your first impression about the upcoming Lords of War PvP mode?

While I am not the most competitive oriented player and I'm more down for fun than winning, I do like the idea of having smaller teams battling it out. Having less people means more emphasis on map control and mobility than in the usual standard PvP games, so for me, the Lords of Wars looks like a much more tactical game mode.

What's your most anticipated feature or improvement to AW?

French and more Soviet vehicles, and the Dana artillery piece, and the South African G6 SPG. I do quite like the more exotic designs and there's such a huge timeline full of them! So I'll have to pick French vehicles as they will hopefully have a fast pace play style with auto cannons :3

How do you like the Armored Warfare community so far?

I think the community is pretty good, we don’t have many trolls or flamers and people for the most part post constructive feedback, it helps that we have our CMs and devs answering as many posts and questions as they can^^

Is there anything you would improve?

Gun and engine sounds, I'm quite the stickler for roaring noises and having the subtle differences between gas turbines (think Abrams and T-80) would make the game feel more...tanky.

Where can players find your channel or live streams?

On the forum thread where I announce all my content or on my Youtube channel.

Last but not least, is there anything you'd like to tell the Armored Warfare players?

Armored Warfare is a game, I would like to remind people that its one we all play, of all ages, skill levels and competency. While it's fun to poke people for how they play, remember that it's a negative circle you are promoting, not everyone can be at your skill level or how you play, remember that it's a very diverse player base and everyone is different. :)

Don't forget to visit and subscribe to Spitfire's YouTube channel! We hope you've enjoyed this interview and we'll see you on the battlefield!

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