Developer Diary: Boxer RIWP Changes


In today’s developer diary, we’ll discuss the changes we made to the Boxer RIWP Tier 10 Premium AFV.


This vehicle was available as the top prize of the Exile Battle Path and the changes we made included specifically:

  • Hydra turret no longer fires two rockets at once, adjusted the rate of fire to compensate
  • TOW turret no longer fires two missiles at once, the time between launches changed to 2s
  • Brimstone turret time between shots increased to 4s
  • Starstreak turret no longer fires two missiles at once, adjusted the rate of fire to compensate
  • Hybrid turret no longer fires two missiles at once, the time between launches changed to 2s

One of the more common complaints from long-time players was that the turrets were too similar to play and, indirectly, there were two superior configurations that overshadowed all the others (Hydra and Brimstone). This limited the choice players had to pretty much one. In the current iteration, however, the launchers serve the following function:

  • Hydra rocket pods are a much more reliable close-range fighting option as we made the rockets fire consistently instead of the previous double launches that were powerful but had a higher skill ceiling, making this configuration more comfortable to play
  • TOW ATGM configuration was buffed and now represents a basic, reliable option that works for most situations. Previously, this configuration was underpowered and therefore underused but now represents a viable choice for players who do not have a preferred gameplay style and like things that work
  • Brimstone ATGM configuration previously utterly overshadowed the TOW configuration. It’s still very powerful but instead of the more consistent damage output of the TWO configuration, you have longer reload times and therefore have to be a bit more careful how you aim (we kept the partial reload option in order not to nerf it to the ground)
  • Starstreak configuration is a damage-output-centric long-range option to the Brimstones now as it no longer deals so much damage per shot due to the removal of the double launch option and requires players to stay more in the open to perform well – a nerf, but a needed one

The Hybrid configuration is still a work in progress as we aren’t really that happy about its performance. While the single launch Brimstone launchers do work better, the Javelin locking time seems excessive and we’ll be looking to reduce that to make the turret more comfortable.

Right now, the Boxer RIWP performs within expected parameters and, given its popularity, we consider the change a success. Do you though? Let us know on Discord and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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