Update 0.155 Now Available


We are happy to announce that the Update 0.155 is now available!


List of Update 0.155 Changes

Rollbacks from Previous Update

First and foremost, we are rolling back two features that we released in the previous update. The first rollback concerns the rework of the BWP-2000, which you, the players, were not happy about. Since we are committed to listen to your feedback wherever we can, we are rolling the BWP-2000 changes back and the vehicle will return to the pre-Update 0.150 state.

The second rollback is a bit more complicated. In the previous update, we have released the following change:

  • Fixed an issue present on a large amount of vehicles where they could have more than one ATGM in the air at the same time when they should not

This was a legitimate fix we thought fully justified because many of these vehicles were not supposed to do that. Unfortunately, we have discovered that due to a number of undocumented changes left behind the code, this broke a number of things, most notably:

  • QN-506 drone missile switching/reload
  • Kurganets’ Bulat missiles
  • Stryker ADATS missiles

This is why we are returning things to the previous state and all the affected vehicles should behave the way they had before.

In connection with this issue, we have discovered a special case in Stryker ADATS where the module that should be providing such a bonus is not doing anything as the vehicle uses the feature already by default. That is why we have added a new reload bonus to the module (improved the ADATS missile reload from 30s to 21.25s).

Machinegun Elevation and Depression Fix

In preparation for the release of the drones, we have heard your feedback and began to fix machinegun elevation and depression angles on all vehicles where they did not match the main armament. This is an ongoing process as some changes are more complicated than others but in this batch, we have addressed the issue on the following vehicles:

PT-85, Type 69, Type 79, T-55, T-62, Tiran 6, T-55 Enigma, Chieftain Mk.2, Type 80-II, T-64A Mod.1969, T-62M, T-55M1, Object 430, Type 85-IIM, T-80, T-72, T-72M1, T-72A, T-64A Mod.1976, Rooikat, Merkava Mk.1, Chieftain Mk.6, Chieftain Mk.10, Chieftain Mk.11, Type 96, Type 90-II, T-72M2 Wilk, T-72B, Merkava Mk.2B, Chieftain 900, Type 96A, T-90, T-80U, T-72M4CZ, Merkava Mk.2D, PTL-02, Type 99, VT4, 9910, Type 96B, T-90A, T-72B3, ST1, Merkava Mk.3 BAZ, Ariete, ASCOD LT, ZTL-11, VT5, Type 99A, Merkava Mk.4, T-90MS, Centauro 120, PL-01, Merkava Mk.4M and T-90A Burlak.

In addition to these changes, we have made several technical changes in preparation of the second stage of this fix. They are mostly not visible to players but there’s one exception – the Altay remote-controlled machinegun module is no longer moving with the gun (it was based on an obsolete animation scheme). We’ll return to the Altay in the next iteration.

Vehicle Fixes and Updates

With each patch we continue (and will continue) to update vehicles based on your feedback and fix them. In this update, we have the following changes for you:

  • Ajax: Increased the ammo capacity to 1200 rounds
  • KF51 Panther: Increased the gun depression to -8 degrees
  • KF51 Panther: Drone launcher no longer appears in the Upgrade window

General Changes

  • Fixed the issue of invisible UAVs on several maps (mostly Global Operations)
  • Fixed several localization issues
  • Added a number of future event assets
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