Update 0.150 Now Available


We are happy to announce that the Update 0.150 is now available!


List of Update 0.150 Changes

Ajax Updates

In this update, we are buffing the Ajax the way we have announced some time ago. The majority of the changes bring the firepower closer to the EBRC Jaguar that effectively uses the same weapon system. We are making the following changes:

  • Increased the rate of fire from 335 to 375
  • Decreased the APFSDS damage from 70 to 60
  • Increased the APFSDS penetration from 340mm to 460mm
  • Added new PELE shells (similar to those used by the EBRC, 100mm penetration and 72/48/8 damage)
  • Turret traverse rate increased to 55 deg/s
  • Increased the active ability range (automatic spotting) from 50m to 100m
  • Increased the passive ability range (gunfire camouflage penalty increase) from 200m to 300m

KF51 Panther Updates

We have made some changes to the KF51 Panther MBT that are a bit technical in nature but will lead to improved performance.

However, the real problem was that due to a rather complicated mechanical issue, it was possible to penetrate the Panther’s ERA very easily, leaving the vehicle practically unarmored despite the information in the Armor Calculator. We fixed the issue and the protection now behaves as intended. Furthermore:

  • StrikeShield is now correctly marked as ERA in the Armor Inspector window
  • We have added frontal-facing hard-kill APS that will intercept shells coming from the front (as a part of the StrikeShield system) which has 6 charges but 0.1s recharge time
  • This new APS basically only covers the frontal area of the hull and the lower turret hull, it does not protect the tank against top attack ATGMs

As you can probably also see from the module choices, we are also working on the Hero-120 drone addition to the vehicle, which should arrive in the foreseeable future (but is not ready yet).

K2 Black Panther and Altay Updates

In order to increase the Altay and K2 performance, we have added the following new shells.

K2 Black Panther:

  • Improved APFSDS with 880mm penetration and 630 damage
  • Improved HEAT-MP with 960mm penetration and 780 damage
  • KSTAM-II top-attack HEAT shell (new shell type) that targets enemy vehicle roofs


  • Improved APFSDS with 870mm penetration and 630 damage
  • Improved HEAT-MP with 950mm penetration and 750 damage
  • Improved HE with 65mm penetration and 1000/280/70 damage
  • TANKOK top-attack HEAT shell (new shell type) that targets enemy vehicle roofs

Vehicle Fixes and Updates

With each patch we continue (and will continue) to update vehicles based on your feedback and fix them. In this update, we have the following changes for you:

  • Fixed an issue with the flying ERA of Russian MBTs buffed in the previous update, the side ERA panels on the affected vehicles now work normally
  • Fixed an issue present on a large amount of vehicles where they could have more than one ATGM in the air at the same time when they should not
  • AbramsX: Aiming reticle for the autocannon now works as intended (this is a bundle of multiple fixes that include reticle alignment, missing penetration indicator and “jumping” autocannon reticle – the vehicle should now be considerably more comfortable to play)
  • Akatsiya: Aiming reticle is now aligned with the vehicle’s gun
  • Akatsiya: Fixed an issue where the machinegun shells had an incorrect warning that players must unlock the machinegun first
  • BMD-1: Increased the ATGM reload time from 10.5s to 11s
  • BMP-1: Increased the hitpoints from 1200 to 1300
  • BMP-1: Reduced the ATGM reload time from 10.5s to 10s
  • BWP-2000: Increased the rate of fire 60 to 150 rounds per minute
  • BWP-2000: Reduced the magazine reload time from 6s to 4s
  • BWP-2000: Increased the magazine size from 16 to 30
  • BWP-2000: Increased the amount of ammo carried from 480 to 960
  • BWP-2000: Reduced the AP shell damage from 200 to 90
  • BWP-2000: Reduced the HE shell damage from 200 to 135
  • BWP-2000: Significantly reduced the camouflage loss from firing
  • Challenger 2 ATDU: Fixed several artifacts on the destroyed model of the Honey Badger skin
  • Challenger 2 Hades: HESH shell now deals the same 460 damage as on the progression variant
  • Derivatsiya: Camouflage on this vehicle is no longer distorted
  • ERC-90 F4: Added new APFSDS shell M669A1 with 580mm penetration and 360 damage
  • Gadyuka: Switching between ammo types now properly reloads a full magazine
  • Griffin 120mm: Removed the incorrect Modern Kinetic Rounds trait
  • Griffin 120mm: MRM-CE HEAT shells no longer ignore hard-kill APS
  • Gvozdika: Fixed an issue where the machinegun shells had an incorrect warning that players must unlock the machinegun first
  • Gvozdika: Removed the non-penetration damage of the HEAT shells
  • Gvozdika: HEAT shells now have the correct bonus module damage listed
  • Leclerc T4: Shells no longer fly through the destroyed APS model
  • Leopard Cockerill: Changed the Garage gun depression value from -12 to -10 (this is a UI change only, the actual depression did not change)
  • M8 MGM-166: Added the Kinetic ATGM trait
  • M48 GAU-8: Firing modes are no longer swapped
  • Otomatic: Ammo rack now burns and explodes as intended (previously, destroying ammo rack did not start a fire)
  • Palmaria: Removed the non-penetration damage of the HEAT shells
  • PLZ-89: Improved HESH penetration to 500mm (from 450mm)
  • PLZ-89: Turret traverse rate set to 40s
  • Puma: Fixed the broken textures
  • Puma: Fixed the dirt mapping (some parts appeared too dirty compared to others)
  • Puma: Fixed the issue where the gun fired through enemy targets at short distances
  • PzH 2000: Removed the Ready Rack mechanism, the vehicle now has a regular magazine
  • PzH 2000: Time between shots within magazine set to 5s
  • PzH 2000: Magazine reload time set to 20s
  • PzH 2000: Turret traverse rate set to 40s
  • Strv 2000: Dust no longer flies out of the tank through headlights (corrected the visual effect of driving on sand and snow)
  • T-90: Added extra ERA elements to the frontal turret that correspond to their real-life location
  • T-90A: Added extra ERA elements to the frontal turret that correspond to their real-life location
  • Type 90: Engine now uses diesel sound
  • TOS-1M: Shells no longer fly through the destroyed 30mm autocannon model

Modern British Contract Achievements

We have added the appropriate achievements for Modern British Contract that awards you with AS90. You can now earn decals and a British camouflage by completing the contracts.


We have fixed a general error that caused the Kevlar Spall Liner module to add hitpoints to your ERA modules as well as your tank. This might sound like a good thing (and a nerf) but it is not due to the way ERA mechanics work.

The core problem with this issue was that the ERA mechanism was set so that if an ERA module had more hitpoints than the damage roll of an incoming shell, the game (very simply put) assumed the ERA did not work and only added the ERA’s armor thickness to the armor instead of the tile exploding.

This led to many cases of ERA not working. We fixed this problem and the ERA modules are now protecting your vehicles as intended.

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue that caused dirt flickering on a teammate vehicle if it’s the same vehicle you are driving
  • Fixed the American Bull avatar obtainable for the American Collector achievement
  • Fixed the artillery voiceover for firing your machinegun
  • Cerberus PvE mission: Fixed an issue where, if you destroyed enemy lieutenants at the same time, the counter showed only one destroyed (thus failing the mission)
  • Fixed a rare issue where players could see their teammates’ turrets moving during the mission countdown without the other players actually moving them
  • Fixed several localization issues
  • Added a number of future event assets
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