In Development: Tales from the Dark Battle Path


Today, we’d like to tell you more about the upcoming Tales from the Dark Battle Path campaign as a whole along with the changes and improvements we’ve prepared for you.

Tales from the Dark

As you might have guessed from the previously unveiled vehicles, this Battle Path’s theme revolves around Russia – but rather than its modern history, it’s about ancient Russian tales – dark forests, clear streams and heroes on their quest for glory. Legendary warriors, using guile and might both, defeating cruel enemies such as Zmey Gorynych, a fierce dragon of considerable power, cunning evil crone Baba Yaga and yes, even Koschei the Deathless, a vile immortal lich.

But what would be an epic quest without equally epic rewards? As usual, three vehicles await you:

But there’s another element we’ve added to the rewards – one of choice. Just as old bogatyrs had to choose their path to glory, you too will get to choose – or, in this case, customize – some of the prizes as some of the best rewards of this Battle Path will be camouflages changing their color based on your chosen base paint. Having a large collection will come in handy but if you don’t have that many – fear not, we’ll throw in a bunch as other rewards.

As for the lore element... you’ll be able to delve into the world of ancient Slavic folklore by reading the description of the items, for they will contain fragments of old tales and, who knows? Perhaps a secret or two.

Battle Coin Shop Update

We are also updating the Battle Path shop inventory with nearly 30 new vehicles (including Puma, Boxer CRV, AbramsX, KF41 Lynx Prototype and yes, even the legendary TOS-1M) as well as 45 new camouflages or base paints and 20 new skins, including the most requested ones such as the Obsidian Blade.

Mission Overhaul

The mechanics of this Battle Path are similar to those in the Europe’s Edge Battle Path but this time, we’ll be once again changing the chain missions. In Tales from the Dark, they’ll be divided into:

  • Soviet and Russian IFV missions (that can be completed using various BMP vehicles as well as the T-15)
  • Soviet and Russian Airborne missions (that can be completed using various VDV vehicles such as the BMD series or the Sprut)
  • Soviet and Russian MBT missions (where the name is fairly self-explanatory)

We’ve re-evaluated the mission requirements (no damage deflection on Light Tanks this time) but the basic concept is the same – complete the first three mission chains to unlock the fourth mission series called Elite.

Once again, there will be enhanced rewards for the missions, including two new Loot Crates. The basic chains will end with a new reward called Lesser Russian Loot Crate.

The Lesser Russian Loot Crates work just like the current Lesser European Loot Crates:

  • They contain a Tier 4 to Tier 8 Premium Russian or Soviet vehicle that you do not have yet or a “last ditch prize”
  • These loot crates do not contain alternate paintjob versions of the existing vehicles (“reskins”)
  • It is possible to receive “last ditch prize” even if you don’t own some of the vehicles that can drop from these crates (it’s, however, far likelier for you to receive a vehicle)

The “last ditch prize” drop can be one of the following items:

  • 7 Battle Coin Boosters (increased from 5)
  • 1000 Gold (increased from 800)

There will be three of them in the Battle Path (one for each chain), but the truly valuable prize is the Greater Russian Loot Crate awaiting you for completing the Elite mission set. Elite mission rewards work much like those of the Europe’s Edge Battle Path. To summarize:

The individual missions from the Elite mission set will reward you with 10 Armata 152 blueprints each (5 missions, 50 parts in total). The final mission will also reward you with the Greater Russian Loot Crate:

  • It only contains Russian or Soviet Tier 9 to 10 Premium vehicles that you don’t own (specifically Kurganets-25, Object 195, Object 490, Object 640, Kornet-D1, Msta-S or T-15 Kinzhal)
  • There is a “last ditch prize” that you can obtain but in this crate (even if you don’t have all the vehicles listed above) and it’s another 50 Armata 152 blueprints
  • Obtaining this last ditch prize will allow you to instantly receive the Armata 152 Tier 10 Premium MBT – the real trick here is, however, that if you have it already, you will receive its price in Gold

In other words, you are guaranteed to get a Tier 9-10 Premium vehicle from this crate but if you’re really lucky (or have everything), you can get a massive Gold compensation (19.000 Gold) that will set you up for future Battle Paths or you can always trade it for a large amount of Battle Coins in this one.

Now, you might be thinking it’s the same system as in the previous Battle Path but with older vehicles, which isn’t great, but there are two important caveats:

  • For one, we’re planning to introduce a Russian and Soviet vehicle buff along with the Battle Path or before it (wherever needed – Armata 152 and Kornet-D1 definitely do need one while BMD-1 surely does not) so you’ll be getting your hands on solid vehicles in any case
  • Since the older vehicles are more common, you are more likely to get the Gold, which you’ll then be able to spend for Battle Coins, future Battle Paths... you name it


The rest of the Battle Path remains mostly the same, including the prices, both the access itself and level unlocks (5.000 Battle Coins). The Battle Path is currently planned to launch in June but the specific date will be announced a bit later.


The access to the upcoming Tales from the Dark Battle Path is now available with a discount:


We hope you’ll enjoy this Battle Path as much as we enjoyed designing it and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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