Developer Diary: HE Airburst Ammo Changes


In today’s Developer Diary, we’ll be discussing a topic that’s popular with you all these days – the airburst ammunition used by Puma and Boxer CRV.

First things first. Yes, we know it’s performing a little too well and the Puma now arguably is the best vehicle in the game because of it. We have also noticed the ammunition is causing lags, so that’s another fun issue to address. Both issues need to be solved. But hey, this time we haven’t released an overpowered top Battle Path prize – so that’s a progress!

Anyway, let’s talk about this type of ammunition. The way it came to be was by adapting the mechanics of overhead HE from the Leclerc. After a few adjustments it worked like a charm. There’s a problem though. The way the HE blast wave in this particular ammunition type works is a bit different compared to the standard mechanic. In short, it’s looking for weakspots within its blast radius.

We’ll be removing that feature, which will significantly affect the behavior of this shell type. It’ll still be able to damage an MBT when firing at the right spots (above engine deck, above vulnerable roof, under it) but it’ll no longer frontally wreck MBTs when firing at their upper frontal plate.

Additionally, the explosive fuse will also be triggered by the presence of ERA/NERA/cage armor. In the game, it means that firing at such elements will produce no damage whatsoever as the blast wave will be stopped by them instead of going “around” them and damaging the soft side armor.

The module damage will also be toned down so that the targets don’t instantly end with wrecked guns. However, please note that destroying enemy guns with this ammo type still is a viable tactic.

In summation, the HE shells will become a far more strategic tool instead of a universal weapon. The adjustments should also reduce the lags.

These changes will be done to the Puma and the Boxer CRV but you’ll have the opportunity to “test” them on the KF41 Lynx Prototype IFV that’s coming in the future (and is not relying on them – it has other advantages such as its powerful 35mm PELE or its new infantry).

We are sure you can see the necessity of this change and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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