Developer Diary: New Battle Interface


One of the things we wanted to do for a long time was to introduce the new Battle User Interface. In Update 0.31, we are introducing a new variant that we hope you will enjoy. Without further ado, here it is:


  • 1) Spotted Indicator – yellow eye icons shows that your vehicle is seen by other players, it turns grey when your vehicle is about to disappear from enemy sight
  • 2) Reload Timer – shows the time it takes to reload a shell as well as the type of the selected weapon system (the secondary weapon system – in this case, ATGMs – is shown below the bar)
  • 3) Enemy Distance – shows the distance to the targeted enemy
  • 4) Smoke Grenades Counter and Reload Timer – shows your smoke grenades available and the time it takes to reload a smoke grenade launcher
  • 5) APS Reload Timer – shows the time it takes to reload the Active Protection System (available to high-Tier vehicles only)
  • 6) Hitpoint Indicator – shows the remaining and maximum Hitpoints along with the green health bar
  • 7) Aim Reticle – this is where your shots will go, the size of the circle indicates accuracy, the color of the reticle indicates the chance to penetrate (Red – shells will not penetrate, Yellow – shells may penetrate, Green – shells will penetrate)
  • 8) Log Messages – shows what’s happening on the battlefield (enemy kills, your allies activity)
  • 9) Weapon Status – shows the current status of your weapon system (including firing and missile in flight)
  • 10) Destroyed Enemy Modules – shows the current target’s module status (yellow for damaged, red for destroyed)
  • 11) Target Lock – the target is currently locked (right-click) and being aimed at automatically

The rest of the Battle UI will be overhauled in the future.

Let us know what you think on Discord and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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