Developer Digest - Issue 1

Dear players,

Welcome to the first issue of the Developer Digest. We have prepared a summary of information for you directly from the developers and from their answers on the forums so you do not miss any crucial new piece of information.

  • It is currently not possible to refund players for ammunition types removed (read the full explanation here)
  • Player Noble_Hawk made a proposal for non-linear progression. Richard Taylor (chief developer of Armored Warfare) explained how the developers had a look at such a proposal and why they decided to use the current linear dealer system instead
  • Currently the progression curve is longer than in World of Tanks or War Thunder but the numbers are temporary and it is possible they will change (“We don't want to inflict painful grinds on players”)
  • It’s possible that the players will receive more visible warning when they are about to enter a battle
  • Swaps between multiple weapon systems will not require full reload (as confirmed by Richard Taylor)
  • Developers are planning improvements of how artillery interacts with the mini-map for rapidly shifting aim around the map
  • It’s possible that the amphibious vehicles (such as the PT-76) will be capable of swimming; it’s an option Richard Taylor would like to see implemented at some point.


  • Incapacitating all the crewmembers in the vehicle will destroy it, this is intentional
  • Developers are currently looking into ways of how to improve the spotting and visibility mechanism
  • In the future, a feature that will disable most of the graphic effects across the board will be added
  • Richard Taylor on which vehicles (including prototypes) are suitable for Armored Warfare within the set timeframe of the game: “Any vehicle that was actually built is a viable candidate for the game”
  • Players can use the handbrake (Spacebar key) to powerslide with wheeled vehicles
  • Regarding player statistics, it is possible that there will be an option to either show them to everyone or to show them to player’s friends only, this would include the workings of the API’s that would access player data (when that option comes)
  • After Early Access 2 the Swingfire will be rebalanced (its viewrange will be lowered)
  • Future tests should feature tighter matchmaker tier spread

That’s it for today. Stay tuned and see you on the battlefield!

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