Developer Q&A: Special Issue

Some of the most asked questions by the players of the European and North American server community were answered by the Lead Developer of Armored Warfare, Richard Taylor.

Question: Will there be more Commanders added to the game?
Answer: Yes, more commanders will be added in the future. We also intend to expand the skill selections available for existing commanders.

Question: Has it been decided what tanks will fill the tech tree holes? I am specifically interested in western MBTs tier 3, 4, and 6, BMP line tier 8, recon vehicle line tier 8 and more artillery vehicles?
Answer: There are candidates for these positions and the slots will be filled in the future – for example the tier 3 and 4 positions can be filled by the Centurion tanks, the candidate for BMP tier 8 is the Khrizantema-S. Please note however that these vehicles are not guaranteed or scheduled to come very soon. More artillery vehicles will be introduced after we are satisfied with the overall state of artillery in Armored Warfare.


Question: Are there any plans to create more challenging AI? And what about the PvE credit situation?
Answer: On “Hard” difficulty, Mission results are far from guaranteed due to a number of tweaks we have made to the system. In 0.12, PvE becomes even more difficult with the added spawn randomization and the “Insane” difficulty will return in the future. On the other hand, adjustments were and will be made to the AI behavior to reflect more the behavior of players (no more snapshots without any reaction time). To reflect these changes, we are currently reviewing the PvE credit income rate. Our general position has not changed – once the challenge level of PvE reaches the one of PvP battles, we can introduce comparable rewards.

Question: The North-American server has a pretty low active player count. Any plans on implementing server roaming?
Answer: No, that would make the problem even worse. Instead, we are exploring way of introducing more potential players to the North American server. Please keep in mind however that the game will be promoted much more once we are satisfied with the state of certain elements (high tier battles, artillery) and of gameplay in general. We are also exploring solutions to help with the long queue times in the Tier 1 and 2 range.

Question: What will come after the Centauro 120?
Answer: There are several options. One of them is the return of Centauro 155, another one is the introduction of Centauro II.

Question: Which dealer will South-Korean and Israeli tanks appear in?
Answer: Fourth dealer. Please keep in mind however that the separation of vehicles into dealers is largely cosmetic – being a part of the fourth dealer’s pool does not mean the vehicles will appear only when the third dealer’s pool is entirely filled.

Question: Can you explain how multi-purpose heat rounds work in Armored Warfare?
Answer: Just like the regular HEAT rounds, but they additionally generate a small HE-style explosion. This HE-style explosion can damage internal parts if it penetrates the vehicle or external parts if it explodes outside the vehicle. In addition, if the round does not penetrate, it can still deal a small amount of explosive damage.


Question: Will there be more Terminator variant vehicles or BMPT/BMOPs (Obj. 787, BKM-1)?
Answer: Yes. We are planning to split the BMPT vehicles into a separate line with for example BMPT Gadyuka or BTR-T vehicles filling the gaps.

Question: Does Obsidian plan to upgrade the current Cryengine used to the newest version?
Answer: This is definitely something we intend to do but it will take a while to accomplish. CryENGINE has diverged in significant ways from the version Armored Warfare is based on, so a full integration will need to be conducted carefully as to not destabilize any existing systems while pulling in new features from the latest CryENGINE versions.

Question: Will Maximilian, or another commander with the same set of skills, ever be released for those who were cautious about preordering Armored Warfare?
Answer: No. Maximilian and his set of skills are exclusive to Founder’s Pack owners. However, his individual skills could potentially appear on future commanders. But no other commander will have the exact same skill set as Maximilian.

That's it for today. Happy holidays and see you on the battlefield!

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