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Question: Is there going to be replay system? Answer: Replays will definitely be a future feature of Armored Warfare but they will not be included in the initial launch. We will go into details about them when the feature is closer to release.

Question: Will there be daily missions? Answer: Yes, we are working on an objective-based system for PvE Mode, where the players will receive special objectives in each PvE mission. Regarding the PvP objectives however, we do not players to break down the PvP team play by chasing after their individual objectives.


Question: Would it be possible to allow the players to pick the battle that they want to use the double daily reputation bonus in? Answer: We are considering a system where a player would be able to purchase premium time retroactively - for example buying premium account time after an excellent battle where the premium bonus would be applied to the battle that has just passed. This same mechanism could be in such a case used for daily double bonus purposes as well. Certain base upgrades could also improve the match rewards. Stay tuned for more information.

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