In Development: Echoes of War


One of the main features of Update 0.34 will be the new Echoes of War apocalypse-themed Battle Path and today we’d like to tell you more about it.


Mechanics-wise, the Echoes of War Battle Path will be similar to Enigma’s Legacy with the principles being roughly the same. Once you acquire access to the campaign (the price remains the same), you’ll be earning Battle Coins and spending them on Battle Path progress. Battle Coins will be earned either by just playing or by completing missions. Four mission sets along with repeatable daily Battle Coin Missions and Challenges will be available like the last time.

Completing all three mission sets will unlock the fourth, ultimate mission set. Once again, the campaign will feature several Premium vehicles available as a part of the campaign’s basic level progress. However, this is where things started to differ from the previous Battle Paths.

The prize vehicles obtainable via Battle Path levels will be:

Reward Vehicles (Click to Open)




As you can see, the initial vehicle will no longer be obtainable merely for unlocking the Battle Path, but on the bright side, the vehicles featured in this Battle Path are mostly high-Tier Premium ones, significantly increasing the total value of the prizes obtainable. To reflect that, the progression cost per level above Level 10 will increase slightly from 4.000 to 4.500 Battle Coins.

Another change compared to the previous one is that while each of these Battle Path vehicles do comes with a special apocalypse-themed skin called Vagabond, these will now be obtainable via standard level progression alongside the tanks instead of being locked behind various Missions. That way, they will become easily obtainable.


Vagabond Shilka (Work in Progress)

Let’s talk about the Mission Chains because those underwent a lot of changes as well. For one, like we mentioned above, Missions will no longer award skins. Instead, the top prize for each chain will be a special Battle Path camouflage called Biohazard (one environment per chain). As for the missions themselves:

  • We have removed the unpopular support-based and kill-based missions, leaving damage only
  • Missions no longer require Battle Path vehicles to participate in them
  • Each chain was reduced to 6 missions
  • Chains are now class-based (one requires Tier 3-10 MBTs, one requires Tier 3-10 AFVs or LTs and one requires Tier 3-10 TDs or SPGs)
  • The final, Elite chain consists of 5 missions, each dropping blueprints of the Kurganets-25 Tier 9 Premium TD

This vehicle brings us to the final and the most radical innovation of the Battle Path. In the earlier Battle Path iterations, we always had one vehicle reserved for Battle Path Loot Crates. Players had to buy these Loot Crates for Battle Coins and gradually assemble the vehicle.


Biohazard Camouflage, Forest

This Battle Path, we are removing these Loot Crates altogether. Instead, we’ll have a brand new Battle Path section called Shop.


Biohazard Camouflage, Desert

The Shop is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a page where you can choose one of five items available and purchase them directly for Battle Coins. The items on offer are periodically renewed so every single offer set is available for a limited time only. Additionally, a manual re-roll will be available for 300 Battle Coins.


Biohazard Camouflage, Winter

On the other hand, they do give you the opportunity to obtain items as:

  • Kurganets-25 parts
  • Credits
  • Boosters
  • Premium Time
  • Premium vehicles (including Tier 10 ones and those from the previous Battle Paths)
  • Commanders (including Ophelia Kitescu and Alisa Korhonen)

As well as bonus Battle Coins (which can then be used for rerolls). The Kurganets-25 TD can be assembled using the parts you purchase in the Shop.



The Workshop will also be making a comeback, allowing you to further improve your prize vehicles by completing Battle Path missions or Challenges. You can also use the Workshop to upgrade the older Last Patriot and Enigma's Legacy Battle Path vehicles.

Other than that, the mechanics will remain the same, as will the entry price. Apart from the abovementioned Premium vehicles, the Battle Path levels will contain other rewards such as Battle Coin boosters, decals, Gold, boosters and much more. Of particular note is the avatar that you can get early on, but it gradually changes its appearance based on your progression. The existing mechanics will be described in detail in the FAQ section upon the Battle Path’s launch.

We hope that you will enjoy this Battle Path that is due to launch at the beginning of December and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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