In Development: M48 Patton

The main battle tank class in Armored Warfare consists of many iconic vehicles but few are as well-known as the American M48 Patton series of tanks. To celebrate the tomorrow's Independence Day in the United States, we have decided to show you how the development of one of the upcoming American vehicles in Armored Warfare, the M48 Patton is progressing. This tank will be a tier 2 main battle tank - the time of its appearance (the 50's) makes it a contemporary to other lowtier vehicles such as the PT-76.


While not as well armored as its Soviet counterparts, the Patton nevertheless can hold its own on lower tiers thanks to the choice from two 90mm guns (the 90mm M41 and the 90mm T54) as well as several powerful engines.





You will be able to play the M48 Patton as well as other upcoming tier 2 vehicles in not so distant future.

See you on the battlefield and to our players from the United States, happy Independence Day!

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