Historical Camouflages – Romanian


The recently unveiled TR-85M1 MBT that’s coming as a part of the Wars of the Past Battle Path would go very nicely with the next historical camouflage we want to tell you about – the Romanian camouflage.


A TR-85M1 with this attractive camouflage was seen several times during various events such as a military parade in Bucharest. It’s unclear whether this is some sort of official pattern or a one-off paintjob intended to bring attention to the military, which – due to its chronic underfunding – is sorely needed. It consists of a dark green color with black, white and brown spray-painted spots.


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The camouflage will be available along with some other Romanian-themed assets such as the roundel used on the TR-85M1 tanks.


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We hope that you’ll enjoy it and, as always:

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