Introducing Global Operations PTS

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to announce the first Public Test Server test of the Global Operations feature!

Global Operations is a PvP and PvE hybrid game mode that is unique in the genre, blending longer term strategy with moment to moment tactics. In Global Operations, players participate in large scale, dynamic battles. This mode introduces improvements to the core Armored Warfare rules, including:

  • Respawning to allow players to be engaged in the battle for much longer
  • Primary objectives that change throughout the match
  • Secondary objectives called “wild cards” that change the shape and direction of the battle in exciting ways

Each match in Global Operations will be a living, breathing battle space that expands on our existing team and class interaction, adding more opportunities for players of all skill levels to contribute toward their team's victory. This mode is an evolution of the genre and delivers more of what you are looking for in a modern vehicle shooter based on your feedback, combining the popular conquest style gameplay with elements of PvE.

Read more about this feature in our preview.

Update 0.18

Update 0.18, used on the Public Test Server, is bringing a number of interesting features.

Please see the Update 0.18 Preview for more details.

Additional Update 0.18 Changes

Field of View Update

Camera Field of View values have been updated:

  • Default Field of View was changed from 80 to 55
  • Minimum Field of View was changed from 65 to 40
  • Maximum Field of View remains unchanged at 110

Component Damage

We've removed a feature which prevented certain components (specifically tracks) from taking additional damage when already destroyed and repairing. Tracked vehicles can once again be continually immobilized by shooting the tracks before they are fully repaired.

Updated Shaders

We've updated the in-game shaders to improve the visual fidelity of our vehicles. Players should notice an improvement in the model visual quality in both the Garage and in battle.

Notification Overhaul

In response to player feedback, we've updated our notifications to provide more concise and relevant information to players. As a result, the following changes have been made:

  • All notifications except those social in nature now fade away shortly after appearing
  • Social notifications will remain visible until acted on to ensure friend and platoon requests aren't missed
  • Match result notifications have been streamlined to allow for more details to be visible through the redesigned tool-tip
  • The notification log now organizes notices into 3 main categories; Match Results, Social Notices, and a Log of all remaining notices

Base Removed

After evaluating the current Base implementation and determining it was not meeting the goals set out for the feature, we've decided to remove the current Base implementation from the player garage.

As a result, the following passive bonuses provided by the Base will now be integrated into player's baseline rewards:

  • Premium Account Time Cost: -5%
  • Credits: 5%
  • Retrofit Cost: -10%
  • Repair Cost: -10%
  • Commander XP: 10%
  • Crew XP: 10%
  • Global Reputation: 50%

With the removal of the Base, players should now also notice a decrease in garage load times when first entering the garage and exiting a match.

Tier 3 Prerequisite Changes

To reduce the complexity involved with getting from Tier 2 to Tier 3, the following changes have been made:

  • The Prerequisite for Tier 3 blocks in both Wölfli and Marat's dealer trees will now all unlock once the user gets a Tier 2 vehicle within that dealer to Renown. This means that once a player reaches renowned status in a Tier 2 vehicle they will immediately gain the ability to purchase any Tier 3.
  • The Prerequisite for the Tier 4 SPG blocks will be changed to simply require 50 battles, regardless of the mode. This is no different from the current system, where the player can unlock it through playing PVE and PVP battles, but it simplifies the display to better indicate battles of any mode will count.
  • As a temporary measure, the Chieftain Tier 5 block will now branch off of the Russian MBT line. Once the remaining British MBTs are added, the line will return to its original format


  • Player battalion tags are now visible in the friends list
  • The Custom Match tool-tip will now display the minimum number of players required per team when attempting to launch a match
  • Added an option in the settings menu to disable grass from rendering while in 1st person camera mode (sniper mode)
  • Players are now able to click on sections of the vehicle overview screen to lead them the appropriate sub-menu
  • Global Chat now has a tooltip
  • Platoon leaders queue buttons will now light up when all members are ready, platoon members queue buttons will remain grayed out
  • Switching between queues (PvP, PvE, Global Operations) as a Platoon leader will now force unready all members of the platoon

Accessing Public Test Server

To access the Public Test Server (PTS), player must download a special Public Test Server Client (Update 0.18.2687). The size of the full client download is approximately 30 Gigabytes. It is possble to update the client from the previous Lords of War Season 0 PTS version without downloading the full client.


To install the Public Test Server client, please follow these instructions:

  • Open the Game Launcher
  • Click on the Game Directory (Upper Bar)
  • Select the Armored Warfare Public Test Server from the menu
  • Press the Download button on the Public Test Server Game Center page
  • Select the HD or the SD client
  • Wait for installation to finish


Please note:

  • The Public Test Server will become accessible on the 7th of October
  • The Public Test Server is located in Europe, players from the North American Server may experience increased latency

We hope you will enjoy this new mode and will see you on the battlefield!

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