Introducing Super Brawl


A big showdown is coming. Two mercenary forces clash on the Texan plains to dominate the Houston area. To the victor the loot and the glory – welcome to the Super Brawl!


Two mercenary forces – one origin: the United States of America!

From February 3 to February 10 2017, all players will have the opportunity to join one of two mercenary forces (teams) using the dedicated website page.

Fighting Falcons – founded by the members of a former National Guard unit in Atlanta, the Fighting Falcons operate a large fleet of Abrams tanks and a number of older fighter jets from the U.S. inventory. They value freedom and liberty above all else – including from what they perceive as an oppressive government – and are determined to preserve Houston's independence at any cost!

New England Minutemen – hailing from the North-East, the cradle of the United States of America, the New England Minutemen are American patriots and are working closely with the U.S. government. They have recently been tasked with re-taking the Texas badlands. "Ready at a minute's notice" is their motto and failure is not an option – it's time to bring Texas back to the fold!

Your cannot change your choice after registration. During the event, players will accumulate Reputation in PvP, Global Operations or PvE battles, the sum of which will be displayed on the Armored Warfare website.

The top 100 Super Brawl players from each team will be displayed on a dedicated Ranking page.

Reputation will be assigned to the team the players selected.

The team with the most reputation at the end of the round wins the Super Brawl.

  • All players who registered for the winning team will receive 5 Platinum Loot Crates
  • All players who registered for the losing team will receive 5 Gold Loot Crates
  • The top 100 players by Reputation from each Team will receive 1.500 Gold

The Prizes will be distributed at the end of the event.


Please note:

  • You need to play at least 20 battles during the event period to be eligible for a reward
  • Super Brawl starts on February 3 (12:00 CET, 3 AM PST)
  • Super Brawl ends on February 10 (9:00 CET, 12 AM PST)
  • Only raw reputation counts, Premium Time or Boosters do not affect the results
  • Outcome of Super Brawl will have an impact on the upcoming Storyline Campaign

We hope you enjoy this event and we'll see you on the battlefield!

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