Lords of War Guide

Lords of War is a new PvP mode introduced to Armored Warfare. It is now available on the Public Test Server. Please visit our Lords of War article to find out more about the basics of Lords of War and how to install the Public Test Server client.

Season 0

Season 0 is considered a test season and can only be accessed via the Public Test Server, located in Europe. Its purpose is to test the Lords of War feature in preparation for the Lords of War live launch. Despite our best efforts, it is possible that issues may be uncovered during Season 0 that will affect the outcome of Season 0.

The rewards from Season 0 will be handed out on the Live server at its end, with the exception of Prestige and Prestige Level. Season 0 Prestige and Prestige Level will not carry over to Season 1.

Entering Lords of War

To enter the Lords of War mode, please select it from the PvP mode menu, available in the Garage.


Please note that there is no specific vehicle Tier required to compete in the mode.

Lords of War Rewards

There are two types of Rewards in the Lords of War mode:

  • Prestige Level Rewards
  • Win Streak Rewards

Prestige Level Rewards depend on the accumulated amount of Prestige and player's Prestige Level.

Prestige is the main progression currency of the Lords of War mode. Much like Reputation, it can only be accumulated, not lost. Prestige is obtained by winning Lords of War matches - the more difficult the opponent, the more Prestige is gained. The rewards are separated by Prestige Levels. In order to unlock the next Prestige Level and the next reward with it, a certain amount of Prestige has to be accumulated.


Win Streak Rewards can be obtained by attaining the highest win streak per Conflict Zone by Day, Week and Season.

Several types of Prestige Level Rewards are available in Season 0, including:

  • Loot Crates
  • Credits
  • Premium Time
  • Exclusive Decals
  • Exclusive Titles

Additionally, players can obtain bonus Prestige as well as Gold, Premium Time, an exclusive Title and an exclusive Decal by winning a Win Streak Reward. These rewards will be further enhanced in upcoming seasons, which will – amongst other things – bring an exclusive Lords of War reward vehicle.

Playing as a Team

On the opening screen, players have the option to enter the Lords of War mode either as a part of a team, or as solo players. While solo play is supported, players have a much higher chance of earning the best prizes if they play in teams, since coordination is essential in Lords of War.


To enter the mode as a team, please select the Teams button on the opening screen. Additional information on this screen includes the current Leaderboard (the list of the best Teams out there), Rewards (displaying the rewards available) and time left until the end of the Season.

screen 3

On the Team screen, press the Create Team button. A window will appear where you will be able to enter your team name and select whether your team is a Battalion one or not. Battalion teams contain members of one battalion that publicly show their battalion tag to other teams. Please note that several restrictions on Team names apply. Teams with inappropriate names can be forcibly disbanded by the Support service, in which case their progress disappears.


After the team is created, a Management window will open where you can add members to your new team by clicking on the fields with the plus icon. Team members can be invited either from your Friend list, or from the roster of the Battalion you are in. Players who are not a part of your Friend list cannot be invited to a Lords of War Team.


To invite someone from your Friend or Battalion lists, select the name and press the Invite button. Players have to accept your invitation in order to appear in your Team.


Armored Warfare is played using Conflict Zones. Each Conflict Zone is a battlefield that has a specific:

  • Map
  • Tier

Not all Conflict Zones are available at the same time and their timers can be seen next to the abovementioned parameters. To select a Conflict Zone, click on its panel on the map. This will allow you to assemble a Group for participation. Groups consist of players who participate in that specific battle and do not necessarily include the entire Team (the rest of the Team is held in reserve). The Lords of War format for Season 0 will be 5 vs 5, meaning the Group for each Conflict Zone can only contain 5 players. This format might change in future seasons.

When the Group is assembled and ready (each player must confirm their readiness, much like in Custom Matches), the Group can enter the match for the designated Conflict Zone by pressing the Queue button. The battle plays with the same rules (except for Group size) as other PvP matches, the result screen, however, will also show the amount of Prestige (see the Rewards section) gained along with the other results.

Playing Solo

Solo players can also play Lords of War. To enter as a solo player, press the Solo button instead of the Team button on the mode opening screen.


At the next step, select your vehicle based on the requirements of the Conflict Zone you want to enter. Detailed parameters and requirements for each Conflict Zone are revealed by moving the mouse cursor over the Zone's name in the map window. Select the Zone you wish to enter by clicking the Zone's name. Then enter the queue by clicking the Queue button.

Please note that solo players cannot earn the daily, weekly and seasonal Team Win Streak rewards. However, there are no further restrictions for solo players beyond that.

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