Maintenance - Hotfix 0.15.2152

On the 25th of May 2016, starting from 08:00 AM CEST (EU server) and 00:00 AM PDT (NA server), the Open Beta servers will not be available for four hours (until approximately 12:00 CEST - 04:00 AM PDT) due to the application of Update 0.15.2152, bringing corrections to some of the critical issues in Armored Warfare.


List of Update 0.15.2152 Changes

Daily Mission Changes

  • The "Concealed Killer" and "Stealth Kills" challenges were overly ambiguous. As a result, we've taken the Concealed Killer challenge out and revised Stealth Killer to count kills when you have not been spotted for at least 1 second before getting a kill
  • Based on player feedback, we've changed the challenge "Rolling Death" to be an AFV and LT only challenge
  • Reduced the difficulty of Medium and Hard challenges by 10%
  • Removed the challenge to destroy TDs until we actually add more Tank Destroyers in PvE for players to blow up
  • Removed the "Picking on Lower Tiers" challenge. After evaluating the challenge, we felt it promoted bad play and a poor gaming experience - especially for those at lower tiers

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added a number of country flags
  • Improved the Merkava 2B lower frontal plate armor to be harder to penetrate when facing same-tiered vehicles
  • Corrected the issue where modules (especially guns) could be too easily damaged or destroyed by enemy fire
  • Added a weakspot to the Challenger 2 ATDU frontal armor. This weakspot is only penetrable by 140mm and 152mm Tier 10 guns
  • Adjusted the movement model of a number of Armored Fighting Vehicles
  • Fixed the issue where some Daily Challenge objectives could not be completed under certain circumstances
  • Fixed the issue where Wiesel 1 WOLF did not have the proper acceleration and maximum speed values
  • Fixed the issue where flag decals were incorrectly displayed
  • Fixed the issue where Tier 3 and Tier 4 vehicles incorrectly appeared as available in the mini-client
  • Fixed the issue where players could be kicked from replays for being AFK

Please note that the maintenance can be extended beyond the abovementioned timeframe. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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