Maintenance - October 10

On the 10th of October 2019, starting from 8:00 CEST (9th of October, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.30.5760.


List of Update 0.30.5760 Changes


In this Update, we are enabling the QN-506 Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer that was previously purchasable during a pre-sale. It is a Chinese Terminator-style fire support vehicle with very unique weapon systems – it features three weapons:

  • 30mm autocannon
  • 70mm unguided rockets
  • 151mm guided missiles

Additionally, this vehicle has a special active ability – it can launch a recon missile that will fly towards the edge of the map, spotting everything along the way. You can read more about this vehicle in our dedicated article. Please note that the QN-506 will be distributed to those who purchased it in the near future, not with the launch of the Update directly.

New American Dream Special Operation

In this update, we are adding the third PvE Special Operation, in which Ryan Miller will be investigating an Enigma base in the most unlikely of places. Three new Achievements will also be available:

  • Part 3 of the Patriot achievement
  • Without Mercy
  • All-Time Squad

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M48 GAU-8 Adjustments

The M48 GAU-8 Tier 10 Tank Destroyer is currently overperforming in some situations. We are therefore introducing the following changes:

  • Decreased the accuracy for the lower rate of fire mode
  • Increased the accuracy decay for the lower rate of fire mode
  • The gun now overheats faster in the lower rate of fire mode
  • Reduced the damage dealt by non-penetrating hits against thick armor
  • Reduced the maximum armor thickness that allows for damage dealing by this vehicle’s gun
  • Reduced module damage

Top-Attack ATGM Adjustments

We’ve detected several top-down ATGM issues that led to some unintended behavior against unmanned turrets. This type of ATGMs now deals minimum damage to unmanned turrets instead of the previous full one the way the other shells do. However, there’s one exception – if the missile penetrates the entire height of the turret and reaches the hull as well, the damage dealt to the affected vehicle will not be reduced.

General Changes

  • Leclerc T40 now has the option to install a Warmaster skin, which can be unlocked by completing the Mastery objectives, available in its Visual Customization window
  • Fixed an issue where completing a mission on the Heroic difficulty would award zero Crew and Commander experience
  • M113 Hellfire: the AGM-114A ATGM now works as described (the warhead was unintentionally working as a tandem one)
  • Griffin 50mm: reworked the reloading sound when firing constantly
  • American Dream, Special Operation 2: Fixed the model of the fuel truck that appears at the end of the mission
  • Fixed the appearance of the French real-life camouflages
  • Fixed a visual issue where a destroyer M48 GAU-8 might still appear with its firing visual effect
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