Storyline Campaign Bonuses and Offers


The Storyline Campaign was an event that lasted from mid-2017 to the early months of 2018. During this epic odyssey of a rogue Clayburn Industries security service outfit, the Seahawks, the players were, for the first time, truly introduced to the gritty and dark world of Armored Warfare, the ongoing story of which you can follow in the Special Operations mode.


However, in today’s offer, we won’t be only reminiscing on the Seahawk journey; we’ll also give you the opportunity to obtain some of the special content tied to it.

Between October 10 and October 17, 2019, the following bonuses will be available:

  • 200% Experience income bonus (x3) for the first victory of the day for the PvE mode
  • 50% bonus to Commander Experience income for every battle
  • 50% bonus to Experience to Reputation conversion
  • 50% bonus to Gold to Credits conversion

You can also pick up a gift on MyLoot for the duration of this event. The gift contains the following items:

  • 3 days of Premium Time
  • 5 Storyline Campaign decals
  • 1 Type 90 Loot Crate

And last but not least, we are offering several interesting items on MyLoot that were originally only available during the Storyline Campaign. You are already familiar with:

  • Abrams AGDS Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Centauro 120 Wolf Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Sabre Tier 6 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle


These items are currently available on MyLoot in a large discounted bundle. But that’s all there’s to it. The following items are currently also on offer:

  • Commander Joshua Seagrove
  • Commander Kathryn Grey
  • Techno camouflage
  • Black base paint

Commanders Joshua Seagrove and Kathryn Grey were the main protagonists of the campaign.


Joshua Seagrove was a British corporate officer first and foremost until circumstances forced him to take action against the company that practically raised him. A calm and composed professional, he’s a Tank Destroyer commander in Armored Warfare, specializing in vehicles armed with cannons. As such, he’s a great choice for the Stryker and other similar machines. You can read more of his backstory in our dedicated article.


Kathryn Grey, on the other hand, was a U.S. officer, stranded in Europe after the collapse of the United States of America. Reckless and wild, she’s a good commander for aggressive Main Battle Tank tactics where she can dish out more damage than her vehicle suffers. You can read more of her backstory in our dedicated article.


We are also offering the Techno camouflage and, as a part of the largest bundle, a special black base paint:

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Black Paint:


Techno Camouflage:


The Techno camouflage is available for all three environments and can be installed on any vehicle that supports camouflages in general. Please note that unlike with the previously available historical camouflages, the Techno camouflage appearance changes with the used base paint.

And, finally, for the players who are not interested in remembering the lore of old, we have a special offer: Type 90 Tier 7 Japanese Premium MBT!

The Type 90 is the current service main battle tank of the Japanese Self-Defense Force. On the outside, it vaguely resembled the German Leopard 2, but inside, the vehicle’s completely different. It was adequately armed and armored for the time it was developed in, but what made it really stand out were its cutting-edge Japanese electronics and its hydraulic suspension, allowing the tank to tilt itself forward or backward, enhancing its gun elevation and depression beyond what the turret would normally allow. This trait was considered to be an important for Japan, as much of its landmass is covered by mountainous areas. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the Type 90 is a Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank. Gameplay-wise, it resembles the Leopard 2 and Abrams version of the same Tier, being placed in power somewhere between the basic (stock) and elite versions of the said vehicles. The difference between the Leopard 2A5 and the Type 90 MBT lie in the presence of an automatic loading mechanism – otherwise, the firepower and protection levels is roughly the same with the Japanese tank having a little less armor, compensated by more module hitpoints. Overall, it is not the best-protected MBT on the battlefield, requiring careful long-range gameplay. However, the advanced electronics installed in this tank allow it to aim faster than all its class and Tier counterparts.

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But the truly special feature of this tank that sets it apart from the others will be its hydropneumatic suspension. Using their mouse (just like regular aiming), the players will be able to tilt the vehicle forwards or backwards, significantly enhancing its gun depression or elevation and allowing it to take shots other tanks could not. Additionally, this tank has a special ability to lower itself to the ground much like the Object 279, reducing its silhouette. If this feature is engaged, the tank will lose some of its mobility and view range, but will gain additional camouflage bonus and the ability to aim faster. The hydropneumatic elevation and depression abilities are not available in this lowered setting.

You have the opportunity to obtain this unique vehicle from an Type 90 Loot Crate.


We hope that you will enjoy the bonuses, gifts and offers and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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