Now Available: Age of Rage Loot Crates with M-95 Degman


A new feature has become available for the rest of the current Battle Path duration – the Age of Rage Loot Crate, containing blueprint pieces of the M-95 Degman Tier 8 Premium MBT!


The M-95 Degman is an advanced Croatian prototype MBT, developed during the 1990s and 2000s. It is based on the previous Yugoslavian project, the Vihor MBT, which in turn has its roots in the improved T-72M series produced in former Yugoslavia. You can read more about its history in a dedicated article.

In Armored Warfare, the tank is relatively fast and fairly agile while carrying some potent firepower for its Tier. In fact, its owners can choose from two powerful guns:

  • 125mm 2A46 Russian-style smoothbore gun, known from many Russian MBTs
  • 120mm CTG NATO-style smoothbore gun that you know from the Challenger 1 Falcon MBT

It’s worth noting that the 120mm shells have higher penetration values and the gun can also fire Falarick ATGMs while the 125mm gun has higher damage per shot. Both guns will feature good handling as well as overall performance to offset the vehicle’s weakness, which is its mediocre armor. The Degman must rely on its mobility and firepower to survive, making it an ideal vehicle for aggressive, daring players.


The vehicle can be obtained by collecting 100 blueprints that drop from the abovementioned Age of Rage Loot Crates, which in turn are obtainable on the Age of Rage Battle Path screen, specifically the Crates section, in exchange for Battle Coins as such:

  • 1 Crate for 850 Battle Coins
  • 5 Crates for 4.000 Battle Coins
  • 10 Crates for 7.500 Battle Coins

These Loot Crates drop, apart from the abovementioned blueprint pieces, also the following items:

  • The vehicle itself (directly, without the need to collect blueprint pieces)
  • Pieces of Special Loot Crates (that drop higher quality loot than the standard Age of Rage Loot Crates – collect 10 pieces to obtain the Special Age of Rage Loot Crate)
  • Battle Coin boosters


All items that drop from these crates are available in the Inventory, the Goods section. The crates themselves can be opened in the Supply Crates section of the Inventory screen.


We hope that you will enjoy the tank and will see you on the battlefield!

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