Offer: Scandinavian Week


Today we’ve prepared the following items for you:

  • Stridsvagn 2000 Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • CV90120 Ghost Tier 9 Premium Light Tank
  • CV90 Mk.IV Tier 8 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle
  • CV90105 TML Tier 7 Premium Light Tank
  • Swedish bundle with real-life Swedish camouflages
  • Finnish bundle with a real-life Finnish camouflage and epic titles
  • Norwegian bundle with real-life Scandinavian camouflages and unit insignia
  • Danish bundle with real-life Danish camouflage and base paint
  • Iron Crate (with new Key mechanics)

Between July 21 and July 28, 2022, the following items will be available:

Stridsvagn 2000

The Stridsvagn 2000 was to be Sweden’s next Main Battle Tank, designed to combat Soviet super-tanks such as the Black Eagle. For its time, the project was nothing short of revolutionary with extremely thick frontal armor and a powerful 140mm gun that could take on literally anything in its day. However, the Soviet threat dissipated with the collapse of the Soviet Union, which pushed Sweden to seek a cheaper solution to its tank problem, namely the Leopard 2 MBT. You can learn more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the Stridsvagn 2000 is a Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank that represents the essence of practicality. Solid armor, decent mobility and excellent damage over time output make this tank one of the most versatile tools you can have in your arsenal, equally capable in PvP and PvE. Aside from its advanced NERA armor, the Strv 2000 features a coaxial 40mm autocannon. The key to success is switching between both weapon systems and maximizing your damage output while your NERA armor eliminated one enemy shell after another.

The Stridsvagn 2000 MBT is available in our Web Shop via Loot Crates. Collect 100 blueprint pieces from these crates to obtain the vehicle.


CV90120 Ghost

The CV90120 “Ghost” Light Tank was a Swedish demonstrator based on an earlier fire support model of the CV90120. As its name suggests, the vehicle is armed with 120mm smoothbore cannon but that’s the least interesting on its features. The Ghost is named after a special camouflage system called ADAPTIV that's capable of masking the bulky tank in the IR spectrum so well it disappears from enemy screens – like a ghost. You can learn more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the CV90120 Ghost is a Tier 9 Premium Light Tank. Depending on your choices, it can be configured two ways – as a fast hit-and-run Light Tank using the combination of a Ready Rack and its excellent mobility, or as a stealthy sniper using the ADAPTIV system and the upgraded ammunition. While you won’t be as stealthy as dedicated Tank Destroyers or small AFVs, you’ll still be able to do a lot of damage from behind the safety of your lines.


CV90 Mk.IV

The Swedish CV90 Mk.IV IFV is the most modern version of the old but constantly developed CV90 platform. Since its introduction in the early 1990s, the vehicle was upgraded so much that this 2018 model bears little resemblance to the three decades old original, featuring cutting edge electronics as well as a brand new turret. You can learn more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the CV90 Mk.IV is a Tier 8 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle. It is a durable and reliable infantry carrier capable not only of dealing tremendous damage with its 50mm autocannon, but of launching powerful Spike missiles as well. In addition to that, it’s relatively well-protected and can also carry Mechanized Infantry. What’s there not to like?


CV90105 TML

The CV90105 TML from the 1990s was one of the first attempts to convert the CV90 chassis into a fire support vehicle by combining it with a French TML turret. The result was a fairly capable Light Tank with considerable firepower in the form of its 105mm GIAT gun that could successfully take out most MBTs of its time. Unfortunately, the vehicle didn’t manage to attract any customers and remained a prototype only. You can learn more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the CV90105 TML is a Tier 7 Premium Light Tank. Depending on your choices, it can be configured two ways. You can opt for a more sustained firepower with the large 12-round clip – this way you need to stay behind your own team or hide in bushes, turning your Light Tank into something like a close support Tank Destroyer. Or, you can opt for the fun option of turning your CV90105 TML into a hit and run monster. Ambush an enemy, empty the magazine into his sides or rear and immediately retreat.


Swedish Bundle

Despite its neutrality, Sweden is one of the premiere arms manufacturers in the world and has a powerful standing army to boot. Even though the country is not a part of the NATO, much of its vehicle fleet is compatible with western tech and the country now operates the Leopard 2 MBT (under the name Stridsvagn 122) as well as several CV90 variants. This bundle includes several camouflages tied to Sweden as well as a special player title.


The bundle consists of:

  • Scandinavian Summer camouflage (read more)
  • Scandinavian Winter camouflage (read more)
  • Swedish Export camouflage (read more)
  • Swedish Urban camouflage (as seen on various CV90 prototypes)
  • Swedish Flag decal
  • Player title “Viking”


Finnish Bundle

Finland has a long and interesting history of unique relationships with its neighbors, especially with Russia. Its position of neutrality after the Second World War allowed it to buy the best from both worlds with both eastern and western vehicles used by its powerful military. This bundle includes a Finnish camouflage that will look great on your BMP-2s, T-72M1s and Leopards, a Finnish Armed Forces roundel decal as well as two player titles.


The bundle consists of:

  • Finnish camouflage (read more)
  • Scandinavian Summer camouflage (read more)
  • Scandinavian Winter camouflage (read more)
  • Scandinavian base paint (read more)
  • Finnish Armed Forces Roundel decal
  • Player title “Hackapelite”
  • Player title “White Death”


Norwegian Bundle

Unlike Sweden, Norway is a part of the NATO with its units regularly taking part in operations abroad. One of the elite units of the Norwegian military is the famous Telemark Battalion of Mechanized Infantry and this bundle includes two items tied to it as well as the Scandinavian camouflages used by Norway and a Norwegian base paint, as seen on a Telemark Leopard deployed to Estonia in 2017.


The bundle consists of:

  • Scandinavian Summer camouflage (read more)
  • Scandinavian Winter camouflage (read more)
  • Scandinavian base paint (read more)
  • Telemark Battalion decal
  • Telemark Battalion flag
  • Player title “Einheri”


Danish Bundle

And last but definitely not least, we have Denmark, the army equipped with some of the best military hardware there is, including the Leopard 2A7DK Main Battle Tank. Aside from its simple but unique camouflage, this bundle contains a Danish player title, the Scandinavian base paint and a decal.


The bundle consists of:

  • Danish camouflage (read more)
  • Scandinavian base paint (read more)
  • Danish 1st Armored Battalion decal
  • Player title “Thrice-Hearted” (referring to the Holger Danske legend)


Iron Crate

We’ve prepared for you an additional offer this week. The Iron Crate is available on MY.GAMES Market with 50% discount!


The mechanics are very simple. This crate allows you to win one of the vehicles listed in its description (or its value in Gold if you have it already). The crate contains some very rare vehicles (with some new ones!), including the MPF Tier 10 Premium LT.

For a full list, please visit the MY.GAMES Market Iron Crate page. We’re implementing a new mechanic to the MY.GAMES Market Loot Crates (no worries – the in-game crates will remain the same). The mechanic is simple – instead of purchasing the Loot Crates, you purchase keys to them, which you then use to unlock them.

However, please note:

  • Discounts do not apply to Loot Crates, but rather to Keys
  • It is possible to buy multiple keys for a single chest type
  • Keys belong to individual Loot Crates (that is, a key to a Commander Loot Crate purchased now is not guaranteed to work on a Commander Loot Crate a month down the line)
  • Keys can be found in a separate Market section


We hope that you will enjoy the offer and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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