Offer: Tank Crew Day


This week, we’ve prepared another set of attractive items for you:

  • T-72B3 Tank Crew Day Bundle with the Volna camouflage
  • Object 640 Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • BMPT Mod.2000 Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Premium Commanders Cortez, O'Connell and Korhonen
  • Spirithaven Treasure Trove

Between September 10 and September 17, 2020, the following items will be available:

T-72B3 Tank Crew Day Bundle

The T-72B3 is the most modern Russian T-72 variant currently in service. It is a heavily upgraded version of the T-72B, featuring Kontakt-5 ERA kit and an improved Fire Control System. Together, these modifications allow the aging T-72 to serve well into the 21st century. You can learn more about its history in our dedicated article!


In Armored Warfare, the T-72B3 is a Tier 8 Premium Main Battle Tank. It continues the tradition of other Russian tanks. Its low silhouette, good mobility, powerful 125mm gun and its advanced ERA kit make it a formidable opponent. This version of the T-72B3 is offered without any camouflage.

The T-72B3 Tier 8 Premium Main Battle Tank is now available in a special Tank Crew Day bundle. The bundle itself contains:

  • T-72B3 Tier 8 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • Russian “Volna” camouflage (learn more about it)
  • Russian Tank Forces decal
  • Russian Tank Forces 2 decal
  • Kubinka Tank Museum decal
  • Russian Tank Forces flag
  • 10 Platinum Loot Crates
  • 2.500 Gold

Despite containing mostly Russian content (since the Tankman Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in Russia), this bundle celebrates the contributions and sacrifices of tank crews worldwide. The tradition of Russian armor goes all way back to 1914 when, shortly after the start of the First World War, Russia’s first armored car regiment was formed.





The decals and flag included in this bundle represent (with the exception of the Kubinka Tank Museum emblem) unofficial crests of these forces, as worn by the soldiers on their sleeves.


Object 640

The Object 640 is one of the last Soviet era “super tank” monsters, designed to surpass anything the west could field on the battlefield. It featured extremely advanced armor, making it highly resistant to hits while keeping its weight low. The design was truly revolutionary for the late 1980s, but, like with many other Soviet projects of the era, it was discontinued due to the lack of funding. You can learn more about it in a dedicated article.

In Armored Warfare, the Object 640 “Black Eagle” is a Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank. It is a fast, agile and well-protected vehicle that plays in a typical Russian-style MBT fashion – ideal for players who want to take things up close and personal. This version of the tank does not feature any camouflage and is ready to be customized as you see fit.

The Object 640 Tier 10 Premium MBT is available in our Web Shop via Loot Crates. Collect 100 blueprint pieces from these crates to obtain the vehicle.


BMPT Mod.2000

The BMPT Mod.2000 is, as its name suggests, one of the earliest models of the famous Russian BMPT series, also known under the name “Terminator.” The word BMPT stands for “tank support combat vehicle,” which is exactly what the machine was designed for – to accompany tanks to battle and support them (predominantly in urban environments) against enemy infantry. It consists of a MBT-class hull (a modified T-90 one) and an unmanned turret, armed with a single 30mm automatic cannon and a single four-tube launcher for Kornet-E ATGMs. This particular model was shown to general public in 2000, but didn’t get much attention. It was overhauled almost immediately to the iconic twin-autocannon configuration that’s being used to this day.

In Armored Warfare, the BMPT Mod.2000 is a Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer. It’s a heavy duty vehicle with its hull offering excellent protection for its class. The turret, albeit lightly armored, only takes reduced damage. Even though this vehicle only features a single 30mm autocannon (unlike all the other BMPT series vehicles in the game), this is compensated by the presence of powerful ATGMs that make the BMPT Mod.2000 an extremely potent tank killer.

This vehicle is now available on MY.GAMES Market directly in three different variants:

  • BMPT Mod.2000 without any camouflage
  • BMPT Mod.2000 Reaper with a scary black grim-reaper-themed camouflage
  • BMPT Mod.2000 Sapphire with its hull covered in blue flames

Please note that the latter two camouflages are permanent and cannot be removed from the vehicle if you purchase them.


Premium Commanders

Some of the most popular and requested commanders are making a comeback in bundles together with Insignia and Boost tokens chosen specifically to allow for their faster training. You’ll be able to progress through their ranks faster than ever.


The commanders available are:

  • Alexander Cortez (with his special ability to always deal maximum damage)
  • Alisa Korhonen (with her special ability to call in an off-map ATGM strike)
  • Erin O’Connell (one of the best scouting commanders around)

Please note that these bundles come with special Platinum Armored Warfare boost tokens, the best progress boosters available in the game. You can read more about them in our dedicated article.

As for the commanders themselves, this guide will provide you with useful tips on how to configure their skills.

Please also note that if you purchased one of these bundles during previous offers, you will not be able to purchase it again during this offer.


Spirithaven Treasure Trove

Today, we have a special offer for you. A veritable treasure trove of 10.000 Gold awaits you at a discounted price.


Please note that this item can only be purchased once per user. You can find out more about Gold and its uses in our dedicated article.


We hope that you will enjoy the offer and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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