Offer: U.S. Independence Day


Today we’ve prepared the following items for you:

  • M8 Ridgway skin for M8-120 Thunderbolt II
  • Warhammer Skin for M1A2
  • AbramsX Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • Griffin 120mm Tier 8 Premium Light Tank
  • Bradley AAWS-H Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Stryker ADATS Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • M1A1 Storm Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank (with Desert Storm bundle)

Between July 4 and July 11, 2024, the following items will be available:

M8 Ridgway Skin

This skin for the M8-120 Thunderbolt II Tier 9 Light Tank is based on our idea of what would the M8 have looked like, had it been a part of Operation Just cause, the American invasion of Panama. Its look is based off an existing M551 Sheridan “Airborne Thunder”, which participated in the said operation. You can read more in our dedicated article.


The skin is available as a part of the Ridgway Bundle, which contains the following items:

  • Ridgway skin for M8-120 Thunderbolt II
  • Field Drab base paint (learn more)
  • 7 Platinum Loot Crates
  • 1.500 Gold

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This bundle is available in our Web Shop.


Warhammer Skin for M1A2

This skin for the M1A2 Tier 8 progression Main Battle Tank is based on the real American Abrams tanks, which were seen and photographed during the Iraq War. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.


This skin is available in a bundle along with the following items:

  • Iraq War ochre base paint (used by the U.S. Army)
  • U.S. Cavalry decal
  • U.S. Company decal
  • Thunderbolt decal (this historical decal appeared on a real early Abrams in honor of General Creighton Abrams’ personal Sherman tank during the Second World War)

Please note that the bundle includes the skin but not the M1A2 MBT itself. This tank needs to be obtained via progression directly in the game.


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This bundle is available in our Web Shop.



AbramsX is an advanced technology demonstrator. It was built as a private venture by General Dynamics Land Systems and unveiled in 2022 to show what the future of the Abrams MBT could look like. It is considerably lighter than a fully upgraded Abrams while retaining its protection levels and firepower thanks to its cutting edge systems. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the AbramsX is a Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank. While still maintaining the basic Abrams line features such as a 120mm gun, it is considerably lighter and less armored. On the other hand it is also faster, more agile, stealthier, and features a 30mm autocannon that can reduce most light vehicles to a pile of scrap in seconds thanks to its new ammunition. As a result, this tank can dish out a lot of damage but requires careful and skilled gameplay.

The AbramsX Tier 10 Premium MBT is available in our Web Shop via Loot Crates. Collect 100 blueprint pieces from these crates to obtain the vehicle.


Griffin 120mm

The Armored Warfare version of the Griffin Light Tank is based on an early 2016 tech demonstrator, intended to show the U.S. military during the AUSA 2016 conference that General Dynamics meant business. It was built as a private venture; effectively a scaled-up example of General Dynamics was capable of providing when it came to highly mobile vehicles with a lot of firepower for the U.S. airborne forces. The U.S. Army was impressed and the design has since evolved into what is generally referred to as the MPF Light Tank. You can read more about this vehicle in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the Griffin 120mm is a Tier 8 Premium Light Tank and a powerful, fast machine, armed not only with its 120mm cannon, but also with special ammunition types, making it deadly at any distance. Few Tier 9 vehicles can match its sheer ferocity on the battlefield.

This bundle is available in our Web Shop.


Bradley AAWS-H

The Bradley AAWS-H Tank Destroyer was an attempt by Loral Vought to mount four kinetic guided missiles on an extendable arm while using the Bradley IFV chassis as a platform. Kinetic missiles were cutting edge tech back in the 1980s – unlike standard ATGMs, they destroyed the target by their kinetic energy instead of a HEAT warhead, accelerating to several times the speed of sound. There was little to no defense against them, although they did have some drawbacks, which was why they were never adopted in real life. You can read more about the vehicle in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the Bradley AAWS-H is a Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer. It’s an ATGM-based TD, carrying special kinetic missiles that actually become more effective with increasing distance to your target. It is the embodiment of a long-range missile carrier and is perfect for players who prefer sniping to close combat.

This bundle is available in our Web Shop.


Stryker ADATS

ADATS stands for “Air Defense Anti-Tank System,” describing its purpose very well. The system is intended to engage both air and ground armored targets. It was developed in the 1980s by a Swiss company called Oerlikon-Contraves and was offered as an interesting hybrid that would be able to deal with both Soviet tanks and helicopters or attack planes. Unfortunately for it, it came too late – only Canada would actually accept it in service and the end of the Cold War meant the end to all attempts at its large-scale introduction. The ADATS missiles were quite large but, more importantly, extremely fast and were certain to be extremely destructive to any Soviet armored targets, even though this thankfully never had to be tested in real combat. The ADATS turret was offered for a wide variety of platforms and was actively installed on a vehicle that is kind of like a cousin to the Stryker, the Canadian LAV-III. In this configuration, the vehicle was called MMEV.


In Armored Warfare, Stryker ADATS is a Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer. It is a wheeled vehicle armed with two weapon systems – powerful long-range guided missiles and short-range unguided rockets, offering it some survivability in short range combat as well as the ability to deal tremendous damage if left to its devices.

This bundle is available in our Web Shop.


M1A1 Storm with Desert Storm bundle

In 1985, the Abrams was upgraded with, amongst other things, the 120mm M256 smoothbore cannon. Over 5000 M1A1 tanks were produced until 1992. This tank participated in Operation Desert Storm, which forged its legendary reputation.


In Armored Warfare, the M1A1 Storm is a Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank. The M1A1 Storm look was inspired by Operation Desert Storm, including a gorgeous camouflage net model. But, more importantly, this tank is equipped with a massive frontal dozer blade, adding extra armor and ramming damage to the long list of its advantages.

This vehicle is also available in the Desert Storm Bundle. As its name suggests, the bundle contains several Operation Desert Storm and War in Iraq-related items, including:

  • M1A1 Storm Tier 7 Premium MBT
  • Warhammer skin for the M1A2 Tier 8 MBT
  • Iraq War ochre base paint (used by the U.S. Army)
  • American Red Desert MERDC camouflage
  • American Grey Desert MERDC camouflage
  • U.S. Flag decal
  • U.S. Flag banner

This bundle is available in our Web Shop.


We hope that you will enjoy the offer and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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